10 awesome DIY Christmas gift ideas
23/Dec 10 awesome DIY Christmas gift ideas

Now That Christmas has just arrived with one day left and you realize that you haven’t bought any gift for your friends. Seems like you are in a trouble now. But don’t worry! Here is a list of 10 awesome DIY Christmas gift ideas that you can make yourself in just a few minutes and they look equally unique as well.

  1. Painted colorful camera strap

If you are looking something for your photographer friend then this is the perfect fit. You need a fabric strap and paint, simply draw an initial design on the strap with a pencil and paint accordingly.

Christmas gift
IMAGE COURTESY: designlovefest.com
  1. Instagram Coasters

Take some pieces of cardboard and cut them in a circular shape. Then print out some of Instagram pictures and stick on the cardboard pieces with the help of glue.

Christmas gift
IMAGE COURTESY: foammagigize.com
  1. Phone case decorated with studs

Simply buy some studs and stick them to the plain phone case in a regular pattern with the help of glue.

Christmas gift
IMAGE COURTESY: julieannart.com
  1. Geode ring

Take a blank ring and stick a geode stone to it with some super glue.

Christmas gift
IMAGE COURTESY: stateofunique.com
  1. Fabric clock

In order to make a fabric clock, take a circular piece of wood, a fabric with a beautiful print and internal structure of a clock that you can easily buy from a store. Paste the fabric firmly and then the clock structure to the piece of wood.

Christmas gift
IMAGE COURTESY: fabricpaperglue.com
  1. Artsy mug

You can easily make a piece of art on a mug by drawing on a plain mug with the help of porcelain marker or permanent marker.

Christmas gift
IMAGE COURTESY: sinnenrausch.com
  1. Artsy pouch

The simple yet beautiful pouch can be painted by using fabric paints in any pattern or design. This pouch is best suited to put make-up in it.

Christmas gift
IMAGE COURTESY: mintedstrawberry.com
  1. Stamped tote

Making a stamp is not a hard task to do. Carve a piece of wood in whatever shape you want for example a heart or a triangle. Put some paint on a flat plate and dip the stamp in it. Now carefully stamp it on the bag.

Christmas gift

  1. Planter box

If any of your friends loves plants, then plant different species of plants into a box and your present is ready.

Christmas gift
IMAGE COURTESY: diynetwork.com
  1. Stenciled jar

The picture here perfectly explains how to do it.

Christmas gift
IMAGE COURTESY: pleasenotepaper.com
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