10 facts about Pakistan that you probably didn’t know
26/Dec 10 facts about Pakistan that you probably didn’t know

It is a matter of fact that Pakistan is among the developing countries of the world, but this thing at the same time is very rarely known that Pakistan has been developing with a very high speed since past few years. Our very own country Pakistan is way better than others in most of the aspects. But these aspects are not recognized by the people living here.

Speaking of how Pakistan is better than the other countries, here are some of the facts that are rarely known by the inhabitants:

  1. Edhi ambulance service is one of the largest Ambulance systems of the world.
Edhi Ambulance service
  1. As we speak of the growing literacy rate, Pakistan has the largest literacy rate as well. In the past five years, the literacy rate in Pakistan has grown up to 250% which is the greatest development in literacy up till now.
  1. More than 50% of the footballs that are sold all over the world are actually made here in Pakistan.
  1. The largest sea port of the world is Gwadar.
  1. We have the best ever army force of the world. And in the top ten largest military forces ranking, Pakistan’s military force holds a significant sixth position in the list.
Military forces
  1. Late MM Alam, who was an Air Commodore, holds a record of shooting 5 planes in even less than a minute.
MM Alam
IMAGE COURTESY: The Express Tribune
  1. Pakistan being an Islamic country was the first one to attain nuclear power among all the other Islamic countries.
  1. The tune of Pakistan’s national anthem has the first position in the top three ranking of the world’s best tunes.
  1. Asia’s highest Railway Station is also situated here in Kan Mehtarzai Pakistan. It has a height of about 2,224 meters.
  1. Pakistan is said to have the 7th largest pool of Engineers and scientists.

After reading all these unknowingly amazing facts about Pakistan, you’re probably gonna say that your country is the best and you’re lucky to be born here.

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