10 odd things we learned from REVENGE
19/May 10 odd things we learned from REVENGE

Revenge is the dramatic story of an angry daughter a trying to seek revenge for her father’s false conviction and brutal murder that took place many years ago. A spectacular project of ABC channel with brilliant casting and unique and juicy plot, Revenge is definitely a show I would recommend you in the summers. Each episode starts with a melancholic life quote about hatred, revenge, guilt, and love by Emily Thorne giving us something to ponder upon.
1) Say no to double identity
identity photo
Amanda Clarke (or should I say Emily) may have been able to pull off double identity yet I would strong advise you against it in real life. If you plan to seek revenge from someone just do it without complications. Double identities only seem good in the TV shows.

2) Avoid Complications in love

Weren’t we all confused about Emily’s love life till the very end of the 3rd season? Did she love Daniel or was it Aiden? Wait! I think it was jack. Who knows right?! Emily’s love life was pretty complicated. Maybe she wanted the best of everything?

3) Always look pretty like you’re about to land on the red carpet

is it just me or you all think that the female characters in the show were a bit too overdressed for almost every scene?! It certainly added glamour to the show but at the same time made it all seem less real and natural..

4) Never piss off your boyfriends mom
boyfriends photo
If you want to marry your boyfriend, never pick a fight with his mother! A lesson well learnt from Revenge. Can’t really blame Victoria for being manipulative when it was Emily who made the first attack, right? Had she been nicer to her mother in law, Emily’s journey to a successful wedding would’ve been less bumpy and blood free.

5) if you’re pretty and rich, your girlfriends will envy you

Never be friends with women who are prettier and richer than you are. You’ll end up insecure and hurt. Poor Ashley, all she wanted was Daniel’s attention and Emily’s life.

6) You should always have that on friend whose a tech geek
friend photo
The only person who always had a solution to Emily’s self-created problems was Nolan Ross, the magnificent tech geek. We should all consider making one friend like him to help us cover our tracks.

7) Auctions and fund raisers are a lovely place to be at
lovely place photo
Time and again I would say this. “I loved the wine auctions and fundraisers hosted by Emily”. If you have a fancy dress in your closet and loads of money spend it on an auction.

8) Find out everyone’s Secret
Secret photo
Always dig dirt on people who surround you. If you have leverage over people, you control them. Learn from our dear Emily.

9) Friendship and Loyalty can be bought
Friendship photo
Who said you can’t buy happiness? Everything has a price and this is the most valuable lesson we’ve learned from Revenge. Take a page out of Victoria Grayson’s personal diary for further guidance.

10) Confirm your paternity
paternity photo
You can never be sure who your real parents are! Always take a paternity test before setting on your journey of Revenge. You don’t want to end you fighting for a father who isn’t really you father.

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