10 reasons why you should watch The Carrie Diaries
20/May 10 reasons why you should watch The Carrie Diaries?

I’m sure most of you are unaware of this TV show! It’s okay, because so was I until one day I came across it while random browsing. With an IMDb rating of 7.0, the Carrie Diaries is a spin off from Sex and The city (2008). The show is centered upon the life of Carrie Bradshaw, a high school teenager who has yet to discover love, life, and sex on her. Here are 10 reasons why you should definitely watch this show!
1) Anna Sophia Robb’s best performance
Anna Sophia photo
If you’ve seen Soul Surfer, and Charlie and Chocolate Factory, you should remember this tiny little child actor with light blonde hair and pretty big eyes. Well that girl has grown up into a beautiful young lady and TCD is by her best performance on TV. Carrie (Anna) is the main character of the show who is trying to navigate through her life, sort out her differences with her school friends, scared of committing to her high school love Sebastian and convincing her dad about her being a writer and not going to college. Story of our lives?
 2) Teaches you that as a teenager every action has its consequences 
teenager photo
If you’re having doubts about the show you should definitely know this that TCD is not only for entertainment but teaches you important life lessons. It teaches you that your parents want your best at their hearts and disobeying them will have serious repercussions. It teaches you how to be responsible and careful.
 3) Sebastian Sebastian photo
You may not agree with me on this if you’re a guy, but Carrie’s on and off love affair with Sebastian was definitely the highlight of the show for me. Sebastian plays the role of a perfect, dreamy boyfriend who’s willing to do anything in his power t protect you. Ahhhh. His dreamy eyes.
4) Walt, the guy child 
Okay, on a serious note this show has shed light on important child issues like hw to come out as gay when you’re a teenager. The kind of response you seek from your parents and the society but how you’re actually treated like. I have cried several times because of Walt and his difficult life decision of coming out in public.
5) Inspired by Sex and the City
Inspired by Sex and the City photo
Believe it or not TCD is a spin off from Sex and the City, the famous show from 2008 that gained global popularity among women.
6) Ethnic Diversity
Diversity photo
TCD embraces ethnic and cultural diversity. You come across all kinds of people from all sorts of backgrounds. Carrie’s best friend is Asian, Walt is gay, and Maggie has a troubled affair with a police officer and Donna, well. She is Donna. Did I forget to mention the free independent and promiscuous women like Samantha and Larissa?
7) The Younger sister phenomenon
sister photo
We all have that one troubled kid in our family who’s going trough a rebellious phase. Well ! Carrie’s younger sister Dorrit is one of them.
 8) Focuses on the importance of College education
College education photo
TCD definitely emphasizes on the importance of basic college education and graduation. Life in the big city may have its charms but it’s a tough competition out there and a college education can promise you a smooth path
9) Big on fashion
big fashion photo
It takes you back to the golden time of 1980’s when Hollywood and NY was big on fashion scene (the glamorous world of fashion reporting and fancy weekend parties).

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