10 simple ways to help your partner get rid of depression
13/Dec 10 simple ways to help your partner get rid of depression

Depression is a very toxic thing if makes its way to any one of the person in a couple. It tends to eat the roots of the relationship as if it is an obligatory prey. But a little tolerance and putting thought at first can save any relationship. In this scenario, both the partners need to work equally hard if the other one is going through depression.

Here are ten most important things you need to remember and remind yourself of them again and again whenever any one of you is going through depression.

  1. First of all, you need to acknowledge that it is not their personal choice to be like that. It is not a very enjoyable moment for them; they also desperately want to get rid of this crippling situation going on back in their head.
Depression as an illness

2. If you think that are you helping them by saying stuff like ‘you are fine,’ ‘you are just thinking way too much,’ then you are absolutely wrong. This is going to make them worse.

handling depression

3. You should be motivating them by saying, ‘I am always here for you,’ ‘I trust you, you are way stronger than this,’ and ‘you are definitely going to get through this.’

Survive depression

4. Any one of the people can get frustrated at any instance in their life; it is normal for them to act weird sometimes. Depression will also get a cast upon you.

5. Always remember that a person suffering from depression can get overwhelmed by even the minute things. So, no need to create a fuss out of it.

Fight depression
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6. Most importantly, acknowledge this thing that you are not the cause of what’s happening. They are in a constant state of battle in their minds. Just stay with them at every single step.

Depression is a battle in mind

7. DO NOT try to compare your experiences with theirs. Both of you are at an entirely different level of mental capabilities right now.

8. Try not to create any challenging situation just because you are unable to handle their condition anymore. If you are not putting your heart into this right now, then no need to be with them later as well.

Stay together

9. Think from their perspective and imagine things by putting yourself in their place.

Depression is an illness

10. And to sum up, the discussion, remember that they will not remain the same, they are going to heal. Being depressed doesn’t make them weak.

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