10 things to eat in sehri for an easier roza
21/Jun 10 things to eat in sehri for an easier roza

Muslims around the world are observing roza and fasting this Ramadan 2016. Sehri and aftaar are one of the most important times during the fasting. Whenever Ramadan falls during summers, the days are longer and can go up to 18 hours of not eating and drinking anything. In such a case, it is always better to be careful with what you eat during the sehri so that you can spend the rest of the day easily. It is a common trend in youth now days to skip sehri; this can have drastic effects on your health. This is why Allah (SWT) has not kept it optional rather necessary



Here are ten things that you should eat in sehri so that you can fast for the rest of the day without being low on energy.

  1. When you eat high-fiber foods in sehri, your body takes long to break them down and absorb them. You might wonder what are high-fiber or complex carbohydrates containing foods. This includes grains, pulses, whole meal flour and unpolished rice. These foods fuel your body for a longer runeat high-fiber foods
  2. Protein rich foods are also a great source of energy. A good example could be eggs and dairy products. So you don’t have to skip your ever famous paratha anda and lassi.your ever famous paratha anda and lassi.
  3. Eating fruits and vegetables helps you feel less thirsty during the day and prevent constipation. The best drink would be grape extract. If you feel weak during the day, you can have one glass of pure grape extract and stay energetic. Make sure you are not buying sugared juices with artificial flavors because pure grape extract contains tonic propertiesEating fruits and vegetables
  4. Also opt for foods that take longer to digest like barely, wheat, seeds etc.seeds
  5. If you are a vegetable lover, you must go green this Ramzan. Eat green beans, spinach, peas and marrow in sehriEat green beans, spinach
  6. Eat seasonal fruits for instance mangoes this Ramadan 2016.mangoes
  7. Iron rich herbs can also be a great choice for sehri meal. This includes methi, beetroot leaves etc.methi, beetroot leaves
  8. Dried fruits are and have always been a rich source of energy. Take almonds, figs, apricots and raisins for your day start.Dried fruits
  9. Oatmeal is also a good option and light to eat when you wake up at 3 am in the morningOatmeal
  10. Dates are a must in Ramadan and would be present in every household. This is because it is Sunnah to break your fast with a date. However, like all other Sunnah it is not just there for any reason, rather it has logical and factual reasons. Dates release energy slowly and help a person stay active and healthyDates
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