3 effective ways to make money from your kitchen
27/May 3 effective ways to make money from your kitchen

3 effective ways to make some money from your kitchen


If you’re running low on cash, and can’t afford a 9-5 job you’re probably looking for innovative ways to make money for yourself. If you’re old school, and computers aren’t your area of expertise you can’t really benefit from the world of freelancing. This article is for all the housewives out there who are tired of sitting at home, and want to have some profitable fun.

Now, kitchen is usually the most favorite area of the house for almost any woman who likes food, and come on! Who doesn’t love food?! Women can now combine their culinary skills with their aesthetic sense and come up with innovative home based jobs which have flexible timings and great churn out. After a very thorough research we have shortlisted 3 practically feasible kitchen based jobs for women who love food and want to benefit from their cooking skills.

  • Make money through BAKING!

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Who doesn’t love a home baked cupcake and brownies? No one, to be precise! If you have an undying love for baking and frostings you can make some cash easily. And how rewarding it would be if you can make money through it. Start off with small popular items like brownies, cupcakes and mini pies. Make them in crazy shapes, colors and sizes. You don’t have to worry about finding the right audience. Set up a mini stall at the local mall. If you’re baking is good, people will come and buy. And your batter will finish before your second batch of cookies comes out of the oven. Emphasize on packaging, the funkier it is the better it’ll be for your business. If you want to go big, offer customized cake services. As long as there are men on earth, cakes will continue to sell.


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If you’re not really fond of timers and ovens, and you don’t want to use your personal kitchen for commercial purposes but you still love cooking you can start your own catering firm.  Of course your initial clients won’t be huge weddings or fashions shows. You’ll have to start small. Cater for your best friends baby shower or you cousins 16th birthday. You can hire a couple of your close friends who are in desperate need of some cash. You can buy matching outfits, pick a trendy name. You’ll have to split money and if you’re not satisfied with the initial earnings you can book yourself for small gigs to achieve a certain target.

  • Cooking Classes

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If you don’t trust your friends to open up a catering firm and love both cooking and baking you can offer coaching courses for various cuisines and make money with it. Your audience might just be your immediate friends, neighbors or distant relatives but you’ll have a fixed source of monthly income. Of course you’ll have to offer your personal kitchen for the coaching, but if you’re really ambitious to spread the love and knowledge of food this might be the best option for you. You’ll have your own prodigy of chefs taking on your legacy of culinary skills.

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