35 Dead after the Ataturk Airport Attack in Istanbul
29/Jun 35 Dead after the Ataturk Airport Attack in Istanbul




It was 3 suicide bombers that hit the Ataturk airport in Istanbul hurting many innocents


My heart cried: 31 innocent people of Turkey dead and 70 injured due to the terrorist activity at Ataturk International airport- the central airport for Istanbul.

The governor of Istanbul, Vasip Sahin has told the media that 3 people were involved in the attack at Ataturk Airport on Tuesday night.

Explosion at the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, turkey

According to a senior officer at Turkish government, most of the affected people were Turkish citizens. This is heartbreaking because all those people were innocent. And this much bloodshed at a central point of a city causes most casualties.


The weapon used by the attacker at the turkey airport attack
The weapon used by the attacker at the turkey airport attack



The attackers had a kalashankof and aggressively attacked the security guards at the entrance of the terminal. The real damage was caused by the followed three suicide explosions one after another.


The security camera footages show two of the explosions, where there is a huge ball of flame at the terminal building and then scared people running.



People running after the attack at ataturk airport


The other video shows one of the suicide bombers running and falling after being hit by a bullet by the police. This one blowing himself on the ground

Even though no claim has been made of who did such an attack but the suspects are either ISIS also known as ISIL and Islam State or the PKK, Kurdish worker party




The Turkish President  Tayaab Urdagan still gives his people some hope and strength by becoming a part of the joint fight against terror. States need to stay together as the entire humanity and win a joint fight against terrorism or this will be our worst dreams come true he said.

A witness also reported that before the three explosions, a person randomly started shooting at the airport. His face was not masked and I could see him clear from 50 meters away.

  Istanbul Ataturk airport attack.jpg

“When he was walking towards us, I thought maybe we should say our last prayers.” Eye-witness Ross



After the blast, the airport cancelled all the outbound flights and  deviated the inbound flights . Attaurtuk airport is a world busiest port in the world with over 60 million passengers last year. Turkey has been experiencing this string of terrorism since the past year the blame of which is divided between ISIL and Kurdish fighters



Ataturk Airport Istanbul



Whoever it is to blame, May turkey be peaceful again and may world be a better place to live in. Please don’t think a change will come from somewhere else, but it will rise from YOU.


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