The 4 Best supernatural fantasy TV series
30/May The 4 Best supernatural/fantasy TV series

I’m a huge fan of supernatural, sci-fi and action genre. I’ve always had this weird obsession with zombies, werewolves and vampires. I’ve watched every latest supernatural production that involves zombies and I really want to witness a zombie apocalypse but that’s irrelevant here because I’ll be talking about 5 amazing supernatural TV shows that you may or may not have watched just yet. I hope that my reviews will help you choose better.


  • TeenWolf


Teen Wolf

IMdB rating: 7.8/10

Genre: Drama, Horror, Action

Cast: Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Hoechlin

Teen Wolf is one of its kind TV show entirely based on the super natural entity of werewolves. The story revolves round a teenage boy who’s got to save his friends and family from a wild, evil pack of wolves and hunters. Teenwolf is an action packed show with 3 separate love stories all so intertwined that they keep you hooked. The show has premiered 4 seasons as of yet each one a big hit. Another reason why I would recommend the show is the amazing music collection. Each episode is full of sweet musical surprises. The cast is amazing and especially Tyler Hoechlin fans are in for a big surprise.

  • SuperNatural 


IMDB rating: 8.7/10

Genre: Drama, Horror, Fantasy

Cast: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Jim Beaver


Everyone must be familiar with this show, which started back in 2005. SuperNatural is a story of two brothers who hunt supernatural creatures in quest for the truth about their family. The show will give you some good laughs considering the chemistry between the two brothers (both of who are by the way very very hot). I was obsessed with the show back in my days and I remember finishing an entire season in one day. One good thing about SN is that each episode is complete on its own. Also you’ll come across many supernatural creatures, warlocks, vampires, witches, werewolves and what not. SN has been an all-time hit show.

  • Dracula


IMdB rating: 7.5/10

Genre: Drama, Horror, Romance

Cast: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Jessica De Gouw, Thomas Kretschmann


If you’re a fan of the classic Dracula tales then this show is definitely a Christmas treat for you. Behold, the hottest Dracula of all times. The good news is that this version of Dracula is refreshing with some amazing performances by the lead actors especially Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Jessica De Gouw. The bad news however is that they only managed to release one season due to some issues with the airing channel. However rumor has it, that a different production house will be producing the second season. Anyhow you’ll love the costumes and the acting. Dracula is one addictive supernatural show.

  • The Walking Dead 

The Walking Dead

IMDB rating: 8.7/10

Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller

Cast: Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal, Sarah Wayne Callies

Finally we have some zombie action! Did I mention earlier my insane obsession with zombies? Well The Walking Dead is extraordinarily unique TV show. There’s a lot of blood and a lot of brains and in between all this bloodshed you’ll find a heartbreakingly amazing story of a father who moves from group to group with his children to save them and keep them alive. Keep spare tissues while watching it because TWD is an emotional series with a lot of action and surprises.

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