4 extremely effective home based remedies for skin care
07/Jun 4 extremely effective home based remedies for skin care


Are you tired of constant disappointment from all the skin glowing products you buy from the drugstore? Are you and impulsive shopper who has spent hundreds of dollars to buy skin care products in hope of instant and long lasing results? Are you worried you’ve been fooled by all the major cosmetic companies in the world? Are you no longer willing to spend more money to buy products that can’t fully serve your purpose? Is it impossible to achieve fresh and glowing skin?

First, I’d like to answer the question whether it is possible to achieve fresh and glowing skin? Yes, it is. However not every product you see in the drug store fitting your description is going to do the magic for you. We are all blesses with unique genetic makeup and skin types and each one of us needs to treat them differently. The skin products you generally purchase from the market contain artificial beauty boosters and chemical agents that might help you achieve your desired glow for a temporary period however in the longer run they tend to harm you skin, make it dull and older. I will share 4 of my personal home based remedies for skin care to achieve a natural glow on your skin without doing any permanent damage.

  • Lemon

Lemon slices background

Lemon is the one of the best home based remedies for skin care, cleansing agent to detox your skin and give it a natural glow. The citric agents inside lemon juice help remove dullness due to dust or sun exposure to restore your skins natural glow.

  • Honey

fresh honey with lemon and orange fruits

It might come as a surprise to you people that honey has excellent exfoliating properties. It helps lighten your skin complexion and bring forth a natural glow to make your skin appear fresh and blemish free. This is my favorite home based remedy for skin care and delicious too :P. Apply honey onto your face for an hour and wash it off with cold water. Continue this for 3 weeks and you’ll see its wonders.

  • Gram Flour

Gram Flour

This is one of my personally tested techniques out of other home based remedies for skin care and it has rendered amazing results for me. Mix turmeric powder (1/2 tsp) , gram flour (3 tbsp), rose water (1 tbsp), lemon juice (1 tsp), milk (enough to make a pate). Apply the whole mixture onto your face and hands and rub it for 2minutes. Now let it dry and rinse it off your face with luke warm water. You will see significant results after a week or two. Turmeric powder has healing properties and helps get rid of acne and pimples. You can also use fresh aloe vera juice to further enhance the effects and attain your desired range of skin glow. Use this mixture no more than 2,3 times a week or gram flour might leave permanent paleness onto your skin.

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

If you feel like making these mixtures and pastes is too much of a hassle for you can simply buy an aloe vera plant and place it in your kitchen garden. Cut off a small section of its leaves and apply the gel onto your face. Let it dry on your face and sleep with it so that the gel works its natural magic. In the morning, you can wash your face and feel the natural glow. Aloe vera also has strong de-tanning properties.

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