4 Strange Things I realized in my 20’s
07/Jun 4 Strange Things I realized in my 20’s

Like most of the kids from my generation, I’ve had quite a troubled childhood. I spent my teenage being rebellious and carefree and there are a couple of things I wish I had realized sooner so that I could’ve spent my life in a much better way.

  • I should’ve never stopped talking to my old friends

I should’ve never stopped talking to my old friends

My biggest regret in life is perhaps not keeping in touch with my old school friends. I was so caught up in my life and its drama that I started taking them for granted. I am sure most of you don’t even talk to your old school friends, just occasional greetings on sudden encounters in the mall. When you leave high school, you are overwhelmed with this feeling of over accomplishment that you don’t need your friends or your teachers ever again. It is however later in life when you feel the sudden urge to contact them because you need honest people in your life and they were the only ones who were truly sincere to you.

  • I should’ve spend more time on self maintenance


In high school we are all busy being carefree, not giving a care about anything in the world. We are so convinced that we’ll be winning hearts by charming people with our personalities that we barely pay heed to our physical appearances. The moment you turn 20, people expect you to miraculously transform into Broadway celebrity with perfect hair, complexion, and figure. In that very moment you wish you had worked out more, spent fewer afternoons under the sun and taken better care of your hair and teeth.

  • I should’ve read more

read more

If you’ve spent all your childhood reading fiction novels like the Harry Potter and Lord Of the Rings, you’ll definitely regret not reading more when you turn 20.  You would wish you had spent more afternoons’ indoors reading literature from different continents of the world than hanging out with your friends at the mall. Back in your teenage you had so much free time and free space and you rarely indulged in constructive activities and in your 20’s you’re so busy making a career for yourself that you regret not reading more. I know I do and if I could go back in time, I’d definitely spend more time indoors reading Eastern Literature.

  • I should’ve been more respectful to my parents

respectful to my parents

When I was 15 I was probably the most ignorant child I know of. I never really tried to bond with my parents and used to intentionally pick up fights with them. I was so stubborn and indifferent towards them busy being a teenager that I never once noticed that they were growing old too. I’ve had my fair share of unpleasant dinner arguments with my parents and it was in my 20’s that It all came back to me as a sudden gush of immense guilt and regret. If you’re a teenager reading this article I’ll trade a very important secret with you. Our parents are the only people in the world who love us in all their sincerity and demand nothing in return so try to be more respectful towards them.

Dania Khan
Running a household with 2 kids and an office with 20 more ;) Avid reader, passionate writer, traveler, parent and not a very good friend.

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  1. hmmmmm. zindgi k bohat se rang hoty.life k har mor pe life kuch na kuch strange cheze dikhatii ha..Nice wording I should’ve been more respectful to my parents

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