5 amazing ways to make money on Facebook
30/May 5 amazing ways to make money on Facebook

If you’re a facebook addict and you have 24/7 access to the internet, why not make some money out of it. A lot of business started to make money on Facebook and eventually made it to the mainstream where they are now leading their industries. Facebook itself is a miracle of its own kind. The advantage of using facebook as a platform for business is the wider reach to a large audience with in the fractions of a second. You say something in your room and it gets viral globally. This is why we’ve shortlisted 5 amazing and easy money making ideas for those who love facebook and social networking:

  • Like and earn to make money on Facebook


The power of facebook likes can never be overestimated. Companies are now promoting their products and ideas through facebook. They are willing to pay good deal of money to those who can make a picture, video, and product or idea viral and getting predetermined number of likes.

  • Affiliate marketing to make money on Facebook 

Affiliate marketing

You can also earn from doing affiliate advertising over facebook. Post advertisements, redirect customers to your own websites and which each click you’ll earn good deal of money.


  • Sell your products to make money on Facebook

Sell your products

Its about time you switch to the click and mortar business model. If you have your own retail store but you aren’t making enough sales to breakeven because you can’t seem to attract the right kind of customers, facebook is going to save your day. Create a page, post pictures, and advertise on mass scale and instead of going through the trouble of finding your target audience let your potential customers find you themselves. If you are selling products on facebook and going to place some ads, make sure you design a strong facebook ad strategy to make the most out of your investment.

  • Job Hunt 

Job Hunt

If you don’t have any innovative business idea you can look for jobs on facebook. You don’t have to be an evil genius to do that. Social networking is such a powerful tool which can help you locate several employers over all across the globe. You can find pages of organizations where they regularly post job openings and some of them even conduct initial recruitment stages over facebook. Majority MNS’s are now promoting their recruitment drives over facebook

  • Games and Apps 

Games and Apps

If you’re a graphic designer or game designer who wants instant overnight fame, you can create games and apps for facebook. Several games like Farmville, Zynga poker etc got overnight fame and success through facebook. The owners of these games and apps are now earning millions through these games.  All you need to do is design a unique game and sell it over facebook. Facebook can also be used for pilot testing before launching your product on mass scale. This way you can get customer feedback within seconds making it easier for you to modify a product and predict its success.


Facebook is capable of much more in the future and its about time we all start realizing the power of social networking and its ability to change the entire framework of traditional marketing and business practices. These could be your starting ideas to make money on Facebook.

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