5 Forgotten Boy bands of the 90’s
19/May 5 Forgotten Boy bands of the 90’s

If you were born in the 90’s you’re definitely at crossroads trying to decide you favorite boy bands. No matter how many new artists come up, nothing can ever replace those who started the whole trend of pop boy band’s culture. If you’re from the 90’s you can tell good music from rubbish and not to demean anyone here but let’s face it, a million bands like One Direction can’t beat Legendary boy bands from the 90’s. Here is a list of 6 amazing boy bands from the 90’s that have been forgotten (and I don’t know why).
1. Back Street Boys

Starting with my favorite boy band from my childhood, Back Street Boys are an excellent example for all the future boy bands to follow. I had countless nights listening to ‘Show me the meaning of being lonely” and “Quit playing games with my heart”. The band was formed back in the year 1993 and became one of the most popular boy bands worldwide. Had you forgotten the Bsbs?
2. NSync

Ever wonder where did Justin Timberlake come from?! One word: NSync.
NSync was one of the most popular American boy bands back from the 90’s and was formed in Orlando in 1995. The band consisted of 5 members and was able to sold over million albums all across the world with hits like “Just got paid”, “God must’ve spent a little more time on you”, “Bye, bye, bye” and many more.
The band broke up in 1995 and JT went for a solo career. However, last year at the MTV awards JT shocked his fans by bringing the band back together for a surprise performance. WE definitely miss this boy band, don’t we?
3. 98 degrees

Based on 4 members, 98 Degrees was also another famous American RnB and pop boy band from the 90’s. The band was formed back in 1997 and remained in the spotlight till 2003 when it broke up. The band again reunited in 2012. However, they have long been forgotten since then. We know this band for hits like Microphone, Was It something I didn’t say, Give me just one night and many more.
4. New kids on the block

The sweetest boy band with sweetest songs, New Kids on the Block was my favorite boy band from the 90’s. This American pop band was formed in Boston in 1984 and had several years of success. The band was alleged of lip syncing in 1992 after which it broke up in 1994. However, the band reunited again in 2008 and has remained active ever since. Some of their oldest hits were Please Don’t Go Girl, Step by Step and Tonight.
5. Boyzone

Another cutzie boyband from the 90, Boyzone was an Irish band formed back in 1993 and consisted of 4 band members. After 7 good years of global success the band broke up in 2000. The members decided to reunite again in 2008 and even since Boyzone has been active but we don’t hear much from now, do we? Their hits include Words, Picture of you, Every day I love you and many more.

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