5 Highlights of Lahore that make it the most Lovable City of Pakistan
01/Mar 5 Highlights of Lahore that make it the most Lovable City of Pakistan

Lahore has always been known to be the most loved city of Pakistan, possessing an infectious vibrancy and attractiveness in its culture and people. We call it the cultural capital and often attribute it as the center of the entertainment scene in the country; rooting both cultural values and modern entertainment.

In an attempt to figure out the reason behind our unconditional love for Lahore we’ve conducted an analysis of the city and I think we finally have an answer.

  1. Food is not loved in Lahore It’s celebrated!

Lahoris absolutely Love Food. No matter what time of day it is you can step out of the house and find some kind of classic Lahori dish being served in the market that is guaranteed to excite your taste buds; whether it’s the elaborate siripayyenashta, the dhaibhally sideline, the spicy chicken chargha or the cold Kulfi dessert. Lahore is a foodie’s haven with food served in every corner and a genuine love for it shared among locals.


  1. Lahori Gals are Fashionistas

In Lahore, there is a genuine celebratory feeling in each phase of life. It doesn’t matter if you’re out for back-to-school shopping, or for your sister’s wedding. You can count on the Lahori girls to be overjoyed when getting all dolled up. But no complaining, since they really do know how to flaunt their style.


  1. The Historic Monuments in the City Unleash your Inner Patriot

Catching a glimpse of the’ Badshaahi Masjid’ and the Minar-e-Pakistan rekindle the lessons of history that we’ve all read in textbooks, but have never truly felt – Giving all of us a warm sense of belonging.


And a trip to the Wagah border just leaves us doing this:


  1. The Untimely Rain

Lahore’s weather is great if you catch in the right season. While the summers can be rather merciless, the untimely showers that come pouring down on us become a source of blessing. They make the city all the more beautiful and the weather so much more refreshing!



raining road

Source: http://www.baaghi.tv/heavy-rain-fall-and-hail-storm-is-observed-in-lahore/


Source: http://hassannisar.pk/en/pakistan_2293.html

  1. The Hospitable People

People in Lahore are generally so welcoming that it feels as if they’re on a mission to help you explore their precious city in the best way possible so that you too can fall in love with it – Whether it’s their overly jolly attitude, assisting nature or their persistence to feed you at every chance they get. Lahoris will always give you a good story to narrate back home.

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These are my 5 reasons for loving Lahore, what are yours? If you haven’t gotten a chance to visit this great city then dobook your hotel in Lahore to experience the festive culture and infectious vibe it has to offer!

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