5 important lessons that internships teach
31/May 5 important lessons that internships teach
  • Patience is a virtue

Patience is a virtue

The most important lesson my two internships during my undergraduate studies taught me was that this world is a very harsh and bitter place and the people around you are ruthless. Nobody cares about your existence and most of the students like me who’ve been used to the sweet and dreamy life of college when step into the corporate realm realize the true meaning of patience. Your colleagues are going to be indifferent towards your feelings and often say mean stuff and the biggest tragedy is that unlike your college life you can’t really pick up a fight. Your workplace attitude will determine your success and it has to be positive if you want to be respected among you colleagues. There will be plenty of times where you’ll have to let go of your anger, be patient and put on a smiling face like nothing in the world can ever break you.

  • All that glitter is not gold 

All that glitter is not gold

As much as we all wish, our lives were a scene from our favorite TV shows like Suits or Friends, real life is nothing like it. We’ve all fantasized office work and routine to be something magical when we were kids. The very idea of freedom and self-earned money used to give us goose bumps. I joined my first internship with a similar belief but after 6 weeks of self-independence, I realized that earning money is not easy at all. 9-6 jobs literally drain the life out of you and you are seldom acknowledged for your hard work.

  • There are no shortcuts in life 

no shortcut in life

Success is a very, very, very long journey and you need to be fully prepared to invest all your time and energy if you want to progress in life. There are no shortcuts in life, and sometimes it may take years to attain your desired workplace status when you embark onto the journey of corporate success.

  • The importance of a supportive work environment 

supportive work environment

We all start our careers with a carefree attitude and self-confidence that we don’t need anyone to succeed, that our skills alone will be enough to conquer the world. Well, the corporate reality is that your work environment is possibly the biggest factor influencing your workplace performance. Supportive leader and cooperative colleagues can help you go a long way and in the absence of such an supportive work environment you can actually have a pretty bad fall. You need to plant this fact into your head that you need your office people more than anything in the world.

  • What does networking mean in real life


You may have 550 friends on facebook and an extensive fan following on twitter but if you think this is real life networking, you my friend are being delusional. In real life, you don’t have the option to “unfriend” or “block” the people you don’t like or find different than yourself,. you need to learn to exist with people from different backgrounds and morals and respect them at the same time. Corporate social networking works upon only one rule, which is “first impression is the last impression”. Therefore, whether you’re conversing with a junior office or your senior colleagues you need to be respectful and accommodating. Your social networking skills will be put to real test once you start working.

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