5 Important life lessons I learnt in University, the hard way.
07/Jun 5 Important life lessons I learnt in University, the hard way.

I was very young when I finished high school and started applying for colleges. People who knew me advised me against it and told me I should take a year gap because 17 is not an appropriate age to enroll in a university.  I always took pride in the fact that I have accomplished things a year earlier than all my friends and classmates (everybody else was 18 or 19 at that time). Therefore, I decided to continue with my plan, get into the best business school in town, and graduate at 21. I had everything planned out and I was so certain nothing will stand in my way and that I’ll never have doubts about any of my decisions. I got into one of the best 3 business schools in my country and my first day at university made me feel superior than everyone else. It made me feel like I had 2 extra years to follow up my plans as compared to everyone else who was running out of time (read everyone else who was 19 and above).

What I didn’t realize at that time was that I wasn’t mentally ready for any of this. I was smart, ambitious and hardworking but at the same time I was a naïve little girl who was always owned by her emotions and morality. Unlike everyone else in my class who probably had more social exposure than I did, I was unaware of the bitter realities of practical world. I won’t say my life in university has been hell and that I regret my decision of not taking a year gap. In fact, I believe I have learned a lot from life over the past 3 years and I’ve discovered astounding facts about myself. I will however admit that I’ve learned one too many things the hard way, the things I could’ve just figured out by observation, I had to personally experience them to arrive at the following conclusions.

  • Diversity


Embrace diversity people! Your high school group is long gone now. You will come across different people with different personalities and ideologies and as much as you’ll hate it at times you gotta adjust. You will meet people from different religions, ethnicities and races and you are not allowed to judge them for a split second.

  • People will hate you

People will hate you

You maybe a cheerleader back in high school and you may have quite a fan following back then. However, it’s about time you man up (metaphorically) to face the fact that despite your best behavior there will always be some people who’ll hate you for being you. What I’m trying to teach you is that people don’t need a reason to hate you and I may have mentioned it above that you should not judge people, get ready to be judged by people who don’t even know you.

  • Reputations always proceed people

Reputations always proceed people

Whatever you did back in high school and whatever you’ll do in university will haunt you for the rest of your life. Your reputation will always precede you therefore learn to control your sentiments. I know all they’ve taught you since prep school is to be yourself and never pretend to be someone you’re not. Well, it doesn’t work that way in real life. You’ll have to hide certain aspects of your society if you want to be accepted. Just remember one thing, your every move is being noticed and there is no room for carelessness.

  • You will make mistakes

You Will Make Mistakes

You all must’ve had pretty high ideas about yourself. Well, when you enter university you will be making a lot of mistakes. Messing up many grades, missing quite a few deadlines, lunch out with the wrong people; get drunk at the wrong bar. The secret to live happily is to own up to your mistakes, learn an important lesson and move on.

  • Morality is not universal

Morality is not universal

Your parents must’ve raised you with the basic teachings of global norms and values. The fact of the matter is that morality has no universal definition. You will come across people who might not have similar moral standards as you. University life will truly transform you into an adult. You will come across people who might break every rule or norm , who mighty curse out in the open, stay out all night, get drunk right before the class. You’ll have to learn to accept them without letting them affect you.

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  1. Hmmmm..university life waky e insan ku bht kuch sikhatii haa.Nice words you will make mistakes learn from them.

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