5 Pakistani youth startups revolutionizing the internet 2016
09/Jun 5 Pakistani youth startups revolutionizing the internet 2016

With the advancement in technology in 2016, many enthusiastic youngsters have seen contributing in the IT world. Pakistani youth startups are seeking opportunities to prove this to world that they exist and are planning big to hit the IT world.

Lahore and Karachi are generating new platforms for Pakistani youth startups. They have launched super cool offers including funding options for the new startups and small online businesses. Many influential personalities like LUMS principal, has set new programs for all beginners to learn from their experiences. The programs include Guidelines, tips, tutorials on using tools, making software and utilizing the technology in optimistic way.

Pakistanis have proved their name in the IT world by coming up with unique ideas. They are really working on the motive of serving others and making other’s life comfortable. Below is a list of all super-talented Pakistanis who have mesmerized other big boys in IT with their innovative projects and efforts.

1. Healthwire



Healthwire aims to provide people professional assistance with their health issues. They help you find a professional doctor in your area. Hamza Iqbal and his friend Harris Durrani used their master minds to create a medium for doctors and patients, a brilliant idea among Pakistani youth startups. Anyone can book their appointments by subscribing a nominal fee of Rs1500. Although, the website is in its developmental phases still more than 80 dentists have contacted them. It can be a good idea though.

  1. Shaadibox


Shaadibox is a place that takes the responsibility of your entire wedding from the selection of wedding hall to jewelry expenses and food management. They make you connect with the right people. The idea of making people meet with shaadi vendors is raised by Talha from the University of Management and Technology, Lahore. Its fun and pays well, so they deserve number 2 on Pakistani youth startups

  1. Chimera


The idea is as unique as its name. Chimera is a Greek word that means Vision. These guys are providing 3d vision in a virtual dressing room. The viewers can now rotate and see their favorite shoes and dresses in any dimension and see whether they want the product or not. Big names are already on board like Nishat, Service shoes, Breakout and Charcoal. It is surely going to hit other online dressing rooms.

  1. Auto Genie

auto gine

Auto genie has already made a business of more than 10 million rupees in its first month. PakWheels is going to fund this idea. Hamza Abbas Buksh is the founder of Auto Genie. He said, it is a useful repair service and it will work well for those who do not know much about their vehicle.



  1. Meezaj


My fashion my meezaj is very catchy and fascinating. It gives an opportunity to new fashion designers to sell their products directly to the customers. It is a platform for new fashion brands to target their niche. A non-ending list of fashion designers and new brands have shown up in country. Everyone is looking for an affordable brand to wear. Meezaj is making it easier for customers and designers to meet through virtual market.

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  1. Everyone is looking for an affordable brand to wear.and the above mentioned personalities have chosen different platforms for new fashion that is very appreciating and encourage able….

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