07/Jun 5 reasons why you need to supervise your teenager’s internet activities

Are you a parent? Is your child old enough to use computer? Does he/she have user profiles at several social networking websites? Are you constantly supervising them?

  • Privacy invasion

Privacy invasion

Being a parent of a teenager, you should be well aware of the fact that your kid is constantly feeding his/her personal information to various social networking websites online. It doesn’t even have to be a social website, any web activity these days demands you to enter some basic personal info – for instance if your child is playing a game online, he/she needs to enter info about his/her gender, age, interests, email id etc. Yes, majorities of these websites offer complete and absolute protection of your data, but you need to understand that nothing is safe once it’s out on the internet. No matter how many privacy agreements you make them sign, there is always an uncertainty attached to it. Online hackers sell personal information to various data analytics agencies.

  • Bullying


Are you familiar with the mythical word of “cyber bullying”? Well, guess what, its not a myth anymore. Teenagers all over the world are now being victimized by cyber bullies who are predating on young, vulnerable teens. And trust me, it’s a much more traumatizing experience for a child who falls prey to them. So you need to make sure your child is safe, in contact with known people and doesn’t get over obsessed with the internet. Cyber bullying comes in varying forms – online molestation, verbal or textual harassment, etc.

  • It affects their sleep patterns and eating habits

sleep patterns and eating habits

If your child is not eating or sleeping properly, chances are, something in his/her personal life is bothering him/her. It could be something someone said in school in reference to your child’s account on some social website or it could be something that happened online involving friends or strangers. If your child is disturbed, it’ll reflect in his/her eating and sleeping routines. You as a parent need to have a keen eye to be observant. I am not suggesting you to stalk them or go stealth ninja on them, just be observant. Following things will be instantly affected:

  • Their general behavior
  • Sleep patterns
  • eating habits/appetite
  • Grades
  • Religious and moral exposure

exposure to certain religious

The biggest threat to your child (other than the obvious behavioral changes) is his/her exposure to certain religious groups or cults that are preaching online using social networking websites as a mass medium. You don’t want your child to go through a transformation of ideas and beliefs at such a young age. Contrary to what you believe, religious exposure can actually have a very negative impact on your teenage kid.

  • Depression or Narcissism


Psychologists and behavioral scientists have proven that internet is responsible for widely triggering two extreme behavioral modes:

  • Depression

You don’t want your child to become sad and depressed because her pictures aren’t getting enough likes or if his friends plan a softball game but don’t invite him and somehow saw the invitation online.

  • Narcissism

You don’t want your child to become a self obsessed narcissist because he’s earned quite some fame online among his school mates. You want your teenager to grow up into a normal, balanced person.

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