5 scientifically recognized ways to heat up your body without gas or heater
26/Dec 5 scientifically recognized ways to heat up your body without gas or heater

5 scientifically recognized ways to heat up your body without gas or heater

Being a Pakistani, all of us can relate to the shivering we face due to gas load shedding in winters. By the end of December till the end of January, gas load shedding is at its peak. And due to this, people face a lot of difficulties and also keep shivering because of cold body temperature. But now, you don’t have to shiver all day just because there’s no gas.

Try out these 5 incredible scientifically recognized ways by which you can keep yourself warm even without a heater.

  1. Layer up

Keep your body temperature hot by wearing layers of sweaters, tights and socks. Keep wearing a body warmer, and then a couple of sweaters over the shirt that you’re wearing. Also, wear tights and at least two pairs of socks on your feet. This is going to regulate your body temperature and keep you warm.

Layer up
  1. Wear a hat

Don’t ever forget to wear a hat! If you haven’t worn a hat or a scarf then there are 70% more chances of feeling cold than usual. Try to keep your head and ears warm and then the chances of feeling cold will automatically drop to 20%.

Wear a hat
  1. Turn on the ceiling fan

You think I’m kidding? No, I’m not!

In summers, the fan revolves in an anti-clockwise direction which rises up cold air. If you change the direction of the ceiling fan to clockwise direction, it rises up warm air and raises the temperature of the room.

Turn on the ceiling fan

  1. Cover every little space

Covering the spaces beneath the doors and the sides of the windows is a very good thing to prevent cold air from entering the room. Use a thick fabric to block all the ways from where it is more likely for the air to enter the room.

Cover the areas
IMAGE COURTESY: Popular Mechanics
  1. Bake!

Baking will help you heat up your home as the heat coming out of an oven becomes effective in a couple of minutes. But what to do if there’s no gas? You can use an electric oven which is going to work the same. And after you’re done with baking, invite some friends and parrtyyyy!!!

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