5 ways of making money from your living room!
31/May 5 ways of making money from your living room!

We’ve all had big plans for ourselves when in college and university. Some of us actually accomplished our dreams and goals by spending day and night offices, making calls and preparing files. Others took a much easier path by abandoning their dreams. However, with the current global economic scenario, we’ve all realized how important money has become. If you have to pay your rent for the next month and buy groceries but your current salary isn’t enough to provide you with the required monetary assistance you’ll probably want to look for a part time job. And let’s face it; we all become lazy beyond a certain point. If you don’t want to give up the few hours you get to spend at home but still earn some money, we have some excellent suggestions for making money from your living room.



If you have a master’s degree in finance or psychology or any other subject for that matter you’ll be surprised to know how valuable you are in the world o academia. Owing to the breakthrough innovations in Web 2.0 and advancements in the communication technologies, you can now make easy money through virtual teaching. All you have to do is get affiliated with some local university or college and teach on their payroll. The only difference being, you will have the comfort of teaching and making money from your living room. There’s a great career potential in online virtual teaching and promising salaries if you’re consistent.

  • FREELANCE Writing 


Freelancing needs no introduction. If you’re good with words and are currently studying and in desperate need to make some extra cash so you could attend expensive parties and buy branded goods, you can search for a freelance job and start making money from your living room. This is one reliable source of income and might even help you find your future employers.


web developer

If you’re a software engineer or an IT graduate you can actually find good paying projects with startups. Web developing is a valuable skill and with the increasing shift of businesses from brick and mortar to click and mortar model, the market for web developers has become huge.



If you can’t commit to regular jobs like teaching and are better at giving an advice than transferring knowledge you can sell yourself online as a consultant. People are willing to spend a good deal on consultants who can provide their services at slightly cheaper rates than full time consultants. All you need is the right platform and timely promotion.



So many people have made their careers out of gaming that one can’t even begin to imagine the future possibilities. You don’t have to gamble, participate in online gaming competitions or start designing your own games and sell them online. This is definitely one fun way to make some money while chilling in your living room.


Making one time money through such online ventures is easy but if you need a permanent source of income you have to commit to spending longer hours and energy.

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