Does the 50,000PKR mini-car actually cost that much
07/Feb Does the 50,000PKR mini-car actually cost that much?

For quite a while now, social media and several other news platforms were seen sharing the news of the 50,000 mini-car being available in Pakistan. Due to the increasing popularity, everyone was seen talking about this mini-car that is also very cheap. But the reality behind this car being available for Rs. 50,000 is actually different. Let us discuss the specifications of the car first and then come to the rumors about its price.

50,000 mini-car

The mini-car is actually manufactured by China and Khurram Aftab is the sole agent of this car. We can also call it an electric car because it runs on battery. It requires no fuel or gas to run, rather just a power source. The claims regarding this car that it needs no maintenance are all true because as mentioned earlier, it doesn’t require oil or fuel so there is no changing of oil or taking it to a workshop. It has no engine; therefore, the chances of malfunctioning are also reduced to a large extent.

50,000 mini-car

Its sole agent Khurram Aftab claims that his goal is to make the lives of Pakistani people hassle free. This car saves both time and money as it does not require maintenance and will run for a longer time span. In addition to that, it is also environment-friendly. Aftab has named this car as NK smart car.

Now coming to the misconception about its price, it is not actually worth of 50,000. The price of this car was mainly misunderstood by the people. This smart car actually costs PKR 600,000 on sale. After the launch of this mini-car, Aftab put forward a deal or more like a sale on the newly launched vehicle. He said that the first 100 buyers would get this opportunity of paying only Rs. 50,000 as an advance payment whereas the rest of the amount can be paid later on. And from here, most of the people thought that this car, as whole costs of 50,000 rupees.

50,000 mini-car

After getting to know the actual price of the NK Smart car, many people criticized it for being very expensive. But Aftab is very much sure about his decision of selling it for 600,000 because he thinks that this mini car is a thousand times better than all the other cars in the market.

Now, let us see what is the future of this mini-car here in Pakistan.

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