9 important life lessons we should learn from House of Cards
19/May 9 important life lessons we should learn from House of Cards?!

If you’re into dramatic TV productions about politics you should definitely try out House of Cards on Netflix. I promise you its everything you didn’t expect. Without further ado, I’d be addressing the audience who has already watched the two seasons that have been released so far. House of Cards is not just a show for time pass, it has taught us some serious life lessons and exposed us to bitter realities of life.
1) The Key To a perfect Marriage
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Seeing how Frank and Claire have led a perfect marriage based on no restrictions whatsoever makes us wonder why can’t every married couple have the same level of understanding and endurance for each other’s mistakes? Claire and Frank smoke together, they cheat on each other, they screw other people’s lives, often stab each other in the back in order to pursue their own dreams, but in the end they still love each other and stay together as a couple which is highly commendable.

2) There’s a bigger force than money and its power.
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Frank’s struggle and willingness to go such great lengths has not been for money. All he wants is power and revenge from those who betrayed him in the parliament. House of Cards maybe a fictional show but it is based on the reality of life that power is more addictive than money.

3) You will find dirty politics everywhere
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People who have been complaining about their countries, corruption and dirty politics need to realize one thing: Every country and every parliament is function because of dirt politics. Everyone is corrupted and you’re no different from those sitting in the US.

4) Hunt or be Hunted
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My favorite Underwood quote from HoC is “Hunt of be hunted”. You can both stay weak and allow other predators to feed on your vulnerabilities or you yourself can dominate and hunt. Life is all about taking control.

5) If you HAD a drinking problem, you have a drinking problem
If you had a drinking problem in the past, your enemies will always find a way to exploit you for that. Peter’s horrible fate and Doug’s misery are accredited to their alcohol problem.
6) Your friends are your worst enemies
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Never share your darkest secrets with any of your friends because at some point in life they will turn against you and a secret of yours will be just an extra rifle in their backpack
7) If you did something bad in the past, it’ll come out eventually
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Never follow your free will. You will do something bad and years later somehow someone will find out and you’re life will become a living hell. Stay good.
8) Lie if necessary
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It’s okay to lie if you’re in big trouble or if it helps you become the president. Follow Frank, he’s incredibly amazing at lying. However, at some point you’ll get caught in your web of lies.
9) Success is a long, painful journey

Success is a long, painful battle and there will be many casualties. So gear up, be patient because Frank didn’t become the president overnight. It took him 2 seasons to get there.

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