Alibaba is to set up an e-commerce platform here in Pakistan
10/Mar Alibaba is to set up an e-commerce platform here in Pakistan

Alibaba is a Chinese-American e-commerce company which provides business to consumer, consumer to consumer and business to business services regarding the sales with the help of web portals. It provides a platform to the business consumer related entities for their progress and flourishment. If we talk in terms of the success then Alibaba is the most successful e-commerce company right now and is on the top of the list of the other e-commerce companies. Now, in one of the previous meetings the founder of Alibaba has expressed his desire to establish an e-commerce platform in Pakistan as well.

Pakistan as well

Recently, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif had a meeting with Jack Ma, the Chairman of Alibaba Group where they were discussing the World Economic Forum 2017. In that meeting, Jack Ma expressed his desire that he wants to establish the e-commerce platform here in Pakistan that is going to benefit the country on every scale as a whole.

Jack Ma also claimed that the progress in the e-commerce sector of Pakistan has been noticeable recently and that is why he wants to invest in this niche making it far better. Alibaba Group is a powerful name that has been supporting more than 60 million companies all over the world. And it is now going to support Pakistan for all the small scale industries working here. In fact, Jack Ma has also invited Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to pay a visit and explore his company headquarters located in Guangzhou China.

located in Guangzhou China

After that, the useful services provided by the Alibaba Group of companies were being discussed in the meeting and the discussion concluded that after the establishment of e-commerce sector in Pakistan, the tech sector in the country is going to benefit from it a lot.

Alibaba is said to be the most dominant player regarding China’s online commerce. It is because of the reason its platform which is established in Taobao controls even more than about the 90 percent of its consumer to consumer market. Whereas, it is believed that the platform in Tmall has more than half of the business to consumer transactions. And these figures are really great in terms of success.

great in terms of success

Now, we have to wait until the e-commerce platform gets established here in our country so that all the people working on a small scale can get a huge benefit out of it. This is going to change a number of lives and will also reduce the amount of input and increase the amount of output that people will get. There’s no doubt in the fact that Pakistan is progressing day by day in every field.


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