Are you a true music lover
19/May Are you a true music lover?

In the wise words of Bob Marley, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”
1) It is always the words!
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If music is truly food for your soul, the first thing about a song that’ll inspire you or catch your attention for that matter would be its lyrics. The song needs to have a purpose, a meaning; the words need to make sense. Therefore, if you are a true music lover the first thing you’ll do would be to Google the lyrics.
2) Check for covers/remixes
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For true music lovers exploration is the one essential process. They tend to explore for various versions of a song, try to find various contributions made by people globally. For them covers and remixes are as valuable as the original song itself. If they like a song, they immediately look for its remixes or alternate versions. Each version is a completely new experience for them.
3) Download and replay
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Downloading a song and saving it forever is what true music lovers do the best. They keep on listening to one track until they grow tired of it, which they never do. Each song or composition has its own sentimental value.
4) Categorize.
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Unlike normal people who listen to any song on the radio without comprehending its meaning or genre, true music lovers are more organized. They like to categorize their likings into genres in a logical order and can have multiple favorites from multiple genres. They also like to categorize music in terms of their mood.
5) Charge them BATTERIES!
The fear of your cell phone or laptop running out of battery and being unable to listen to your songs on your ride back home is a fear that haunts every true music lover. Hence, they always charge their gadgets before leaving home or office and often keep spare batteries to be risk averse. Nothing is more important than having your phone fully charged and your playlist fully updated.
6) While watching a movie you’re more into the soundtracks than the plot
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I am a music fanatic and the first thing I notice in any movie/show/documentary is the background music or soundtracks. I am comfortable with a poor plot as long as the music is good. The same goes for every other true music lover.
7) Rarely listen to mainstream artists
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The kind of music you listen to, truly defines the kind of person you are. Contrary to the popular practice of only listening to box office hits and billboard charts, true music lovers listen to artist’s common mob has never heard of before. Contrary to the common practices, true music lovers have their own ranking criterion.
8) Spend more on music
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Unlike normal teenagers or young adults who spend their money on branded clothes and expensive dining, true music lovers prefer spending their pocket money/ salaries on music equipments or buying songs from ITunes.
9) Never fall asleep without a song
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Just as babies need lullabies to fall asleep true, music lovers need music to fall asleep to. It could be a song, an audio clip from a TVC, an instrumental, or anything that has a melody.
10) Possessive about playlist
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If you are sharing a song with someone, it means you really trust him or her because true music lovers treasure their playlists and are possessive about it.

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