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Who is Ariana Grande?

Ever since we heard the chart topping track “Break Free” by Zedd and Ariana, we’ve all been wondering who is this little girl that’s got the career of a Hollywood Diva. Ariana has had major music collaborations with all the major mainstream artists like Zedd, Nikki Minaj, Chris Brown, The Weekend and many more. Each song by this pop sensation has been a hit after another. Whether it’s a slow mellow song like “don’t be gone too long” or a part number “Love me Harder”, each one is a sweet surprise.


Ariana Grande is an Italian singer/songwriter and actor who were born in Florida in June 1993. Ariana started her career as an actor with the famous TV show Victorious on Nickelodeon. The show won many awards for being the best teen comedy show back in the days. Ariana’s character of Kat was a sweet, dumb read head adored by everyone. As the show ended, Ariana’s career took a 180-degree turn when her first song came out and suddenly she became this huge pop sensation with funky music videos and her own unique voice and style. I’ve listed down few reasons why I believe Kat (Ariana) has come a long way

  • Kat – Victorious 

Kat – Victorious

If you’ve watched this show you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Ariana Grande is not only an amazing singer; her acting career though brief was equally astounding and promising. Kat from Victorious is a playful, quirky and innocent redhead who’s living inside her own bubble of happiness and sunshine.

  • TV Career

TV Career

Ariana also did backup vocals for the famous film and TV productions like Family Guy, Winx Club, Sam & Cat, iCarly.


  • Signature hairstyle 

Ariana hairstyle

Ariana is also popular because of her signature hairstyle – a high pony and half tied hair. Whether it’s the VMA’s or the red carpet, Ariana will always appear in this breathtaking, unique style making a statement of pop queen.

  • Bold Vocals

Bold Vocals

Ariana’s vocals are the main reason why she’s currently working with all the great music artists from around the world. She knows exactly how to take her voice to its highest pitch and give your Goosebumps. Her songs are always unexpected, there’s always something new and unpredictable waiting for you.

  • The “oh so fabulous” music videos. 

Ariana Grande

Her music videos are just brilliant. Have you seen Break Free where she’s fighting this inter galactic war? Or how she’s this princess locked up in a tower in don’t be Gone Too Long? Each video has some interesting story to tell. Watch out for Bang.

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  1. Nice info for Ariana Grande..
    Ariana is also popular because of her signature hairstyle..Ariana Grande music videos are just brilliant

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