Best animated movies from the 90’s.
19/May Best animated movies from the 90’s.

I was watching TV with my younger brother the other day when reality hit me that he’d never seen The Lion King. In that moment I felt so sorry for him and all other kids of this generation who never got to witness the amazing animated movies and cartoons from the 90’s. If you ask me, they weren’t just entertainment, they were an education and taught me great things in my time, things I couldn’t have learned from elsewhere.
1) the lion king

The Lion King is by far the best animal-based cartoon movie that has been produced on this planet. It talks about obedience, family, jealousy and teaches us the importance of loyalty and love. I know I cry rivers every time I watch it. Lion King is an education. and if your kid hasn’t watched it yet you are definitely lacking somewhere in your parenting.
2) Tarzan

Tarzan was my favorite jungle movie back in the 90’s. an emotional story of an abandoned child who grew up in the wild and fell in love with a girl from the city. Tarzan again teaches you the importance of family values and ties. It teaches you patience, acceptance, and sacrifice for the ones you’ve loved.
3) Hackle and jackle

Okay enough of the emotional drama, I have a comedy cartoon movie for you. Hackle and Jackle is a cartoon movi about two birds and their funny, adventurous encounters with other birds.
4) Casper

Your childhood is pretty much wasted if you haven’t heard or seen Casper the friendly ghost? Oh the sweetest cartoon movie with the lightest of humor! If you haven’t shown this to your kid just yet, buy the DVD right away and watch it along. Casper brings back so many memories from the 90’s when things were simpler and easier.
5) Pocahontas

Pocahontas is definitely a girl guide for all the girls who want to be empowered and strong. Story of a girl who belongs to tribe far from the civilization and who’s always curious to discover and learn more. She falls in love with a man from the city and needs to earn acceptance from her new family.
6) Oliver and Company

Oh Oliver And Company is probably the cutest movie with so much sentiments and feelings wrapped up in a 2-hour movie.

The whole point of listing these cartoon movies is to encourage you to introduce your children to some of the greatest cinematic productions from the golden era of TV and Film. let me know if you can think of a few more?

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