Best places to get Nohay mp3 download. You will love them!
08/Oct Best places to get Nohay mp3 download. You will love them!

Did you just type Nohay mp3 download in your browser? Well, It is high time of the year when you want to listen to the top Nohay of all time.  Remembering the sacrifices of Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain gives you a sense of dedication and devotion to the family of the Prophet. Different people express their love for Hussain (A.s) in different ways but the artists are the most expressive in their love. Greatest poets like Mohsin Naqvi have written a lot about this subject. When you read or listen to some masterpiece about Karbala and Ashura, it touches your heart deep down inside.





Want to know more about Muharram and its importance?

Places to get Nohay Mp3 download


Here is a list of places you can get Free Nohay Mp3 download for Muharram 2016

  1. Hum ali waly azadar


Nohay mp3 download



Hum Ali waly azadar is a place where you can get all sorts of Nohay mp3 download to play on Ashura. You can use the search to find which one you  like the most or scroll through the ones displayed and download whichever you like.

  1.  Bazm-e-aza





Bazm-e-aza is a huge resource of top nohay of all times. You will find Nohay for the year 2016 and even old ones. If you are fond of a certain artist then you can download his mp3 Nohay or go ahead and get the top rated ones

  1. Top Ten nohay




This is the link to top ten Nohay of all times. Each one of them being the best of its kind.



  1. Qurban Jafri





If you are a Qurban Jafri fan and you like the way he reminds of the sacrifices in Karbala, then you must visit this place.

  1. Nashad Hussain






All top Nohay of Nashad Hussain available here


  1. Zubair Ali Ansari




Number 6 on our list is best Nohay by Zubari Ali Ansari. You can visit this place and find Nohay mp3 download in the voice of Zubair Ali Ansari.

  1. Mesum Abbas




Mesum Abbas is a great Noha artist and his Nohay are famous among many.

  1. Shiachat

Nohay mp3 download


This is basically a chart forum but they have sorted all top nohay by artist in one place. They provide you a path and you can get all the Nohay mp3 download there.

  1. Ale Mohamed



Ale Mohammed is a website where you can get top nohas available for download

  1. Shia multimedia




Shia multimedia is a huge data-base of top Nohay of all times. You can visit this site and find the ones you love the most


Anyone who is looking for Nohay Mp3 download this Muharram, then you can certainly visit all the aforementioned links and get the ones you love the most.

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