Breakup tips 3 steps to get past bad relationships
02/Jun Breakup tips: 3 steps to get past bad relationships

Kissey da yaar na wichry

I hope if you have had a recent breakup, one of these songs will be your moto these days. Don’t worry, get over it. USAY BHOOL JA ….! Here is how


The trouble with all the good things in life, they eventually come to an end. Same can be said about friendships and relationships. Time and again you’ll come across situations where you’ll have to let go of someone close to you. You can’t control or prevent bad relationships from falling apart, but what you can control is how you react to it.

The 5 why analysis of Bad relationships:

  • Do you think your partner no longer finds you lovable?
  • Do you think your partner has been acting distant lately?
  • Is he/she being insensitive towards your concerns and worries?
  • Is he/she spending much time away from you with his friends?
  • Do you have to wait for days to get his/her reply?

Bad relationships

If your answer to all these questions is yes, then your relationship is already in trouble. You can either try saving whatever is left of it, or walk down the path of slow and painful recovery. If you choose the latter, you’ll have to be patient. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Now, how one get should over his/her ex varies from person to person and gender to gender.

Step 1: The Breakup Song

The Breakup Song

Every break has its own story and every story has its own drama which needs its own song. Don’t worry about being melodramatic, now is the time for you to set free the drama queen/king inside you.  Turn on the radio, listen to weird music and let the gloominess take control. Nobody is going to judge you, so cry if you have to. It’s better to get it out of your system now so that you can see things straight when you’re done grieving. Your ex is probably doing the same if you both shared love with same intensity. Try to find one song that makes you relive your entire relationship and breakup. Referencing emotions is a good strategy if you’re emotionally vulnerable.

Step 2: Set Fire to the Pain!

Set Fire to the Pain!

I have absolute disrespect for people who return presents and objects of attachment to their exes. What’s good in that, if you’re just going to hand it over, you ex might probably use them for some other purpose. You want to get rid of the memories, not allowing your ex to make new ones. Gather all the Christmas present, birthday gifts or any items that were a product of love between you two. Throw some kerosene oil on the pile and burn it down to ashes and you’ll restore some bits of your self esteem.

Step 3: Rebound Sex

Rebound Sex

There are 3 things that can help you get over someone: booze, sleep, rebound sex. Whether your relationship was intimate or not, if you’re above 18, rebound sex and booze is the best remedy. Once you’ve picked up your breakup song and gotten rid of all objective memories of your ex, you need to go out, explore the world and have a little fun.

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