Buying selling used items to make money
09/Jun Buying/selling used items to make money

Ghar ma para ghair zaroori saman beechen or pesay kamain


Auction and sales sites are perhaps one of the more straightforward ways to make money online.  After all, most money in the world is made by selling products and services, so using the internet to sell things is a very effective way to make some extra cash.   You may want to just sell things around your house that are not being used anyway; this is great for making a bit of extra money. Or perhaps you want to be more serious.  If you are patient and are willing to learn your way around, you could make a hobby or living out of buying things cheaply and selling them at markup online at one of the more trafficked online retailers and make money.


Make money through OLX


Make money through OLX

Auction sites are in many ways like a garage sale- except without the need for extensive set up and watching over a garage sale for three or more days.  Instead, you can just offer up items that you would otherwise never use or have to give to charity- and with a little setup, you can make some spare money. There are numerous sites that work like this, and each one has strengths and weaknesses- do not worry, some Google searches can tell you which one applies to your situation the most.  You will need a camera, of course, and be creative in your listings, but it is a nice extra income if you can figure these sites out. This is how you can make money through OLX, ebay and craiglist etc.


What if I don’t have used items at home


used items at home

OLX pe sirf ap ghar ka purana saman nhi bechtay blkay dosre logon ka saman sastay daam khareed k mehngi price p bech sktay hain.


Maybe you do not have so many unused items in your home, or perhaps you followed the advice of the above paragraph and have already sold them all.  Then, if you know your way around an auction site already, you can start buying and selling items at markups.  There are things that are worth money online, but can be cheaply bought at garage sales- things like antiques or rare books are great examples of this.  A lot of people are looking for a deal online, and if you are smart you will be able to provide one for them.


Ap ghar bethay cooking se b pesay kama saktay hain read 3 effective ways to make money from your kitchen


Find one product at cheap rate


product at cheap rate

If you’ve sold everything and more garage sales isn’t something you are interested in, you can actually try to find a cheap supply of one product that you are familiar with through business or something else- for example, if you know of a cheap supply of electronics or some other product, or if you can get defective or excess parts form a business.  This is more difficult, but it is possible if you are creative or persistent enough.

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  1. Buying and selling of items to make money is vary easy through OLX …… is a very big plate form to make money…

  2. its easy for people’s now a days many of pakistani’s people are looking for online shopping website so they can easily buy or sell their used cars, bikes online, they can also find a mobile online on without any charges its free now

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