How can you become a millionaire through productive blogging
09/Jun How can you become a millionaire through productive blogging

Do you want to become a productive blogger? Do you want to become a millionaire in a few months? These lines may seem fake to you, but I’m not going to teach you a magic trick but a skill. If you are really interested in making money and fame via blogging, then you must act seriously. Thousands of bloggers have earned millions of dollars just by writing on a right niche, selecting the right topic and staying consistent. Read more about top ten ways to make money through blogging here

Neil Patel,  being the most influential blogger in internet marketing; mentioned in his blogspost that, I don’t want you to produce a crappy 2000 word blog daily. You need to write quality content that could provide information to the users. Brian Dean, who is my ideal blogger has written only 32 high quality blogs and earned 100,000+ visitors in 2 months.



Isn’t it shocking for you? Yes it is really shocking. But what he did is, he planned a sound strategy to write long term blogs in a specific niche. By sticking to its strategy consistently, he got the results. You may also are working hard and producing enough content, but the mistake could be the wrong niche or the selection of the wrong topic. So you see, you can become a millionaire, but by a proper and sound strategy.

Your target is to select a right niche to get organic traffic. Because organic traffic is going to generate revenue and business. To become a successful and productive blogger you must be familiar with some technical terms, like

think you learn


  1. What is a quality content and how to create a quality content?

  2. What kind of content does Google love? Or does Google love your content?

  3. What is SEO?

  4. Can I become a successful blogger without knowing the basics of SEO?

  5. How can I select right niche?

  6. What are the topics that I can write on?

  7. Why would people like to read my content?

  8. Can I earn money by writing blogs?

  9. How can I earn money by staying home?

  10. How to create my account on an online platform to earn money?

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  1. thanks for the information, people are becoming rich only by doing effective blogging, this article will help people alot.

  2. i want to become a millionaire in a few months….and i wish to learn how can we do effective blogging..and i think this belog is very help full for me….

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