How to convince Pakistani Parents you are making the right career choice
02/Jun How to convince Pakistani Parents you are making the right career choice?




Are you tired of this ever famous advise and want to do something different with your life? Not sure how will you convince your parents k “AP APNI LIFE K DECISIONS KHUD LE SKTAY HAIN?”

I still remember the day my brother decided to break the news to my parents that he wanted to become a writer. I had never seen my parents this shocked in my entire life before. Since the day, my brother and I started talking our parents dreamed of us becoming doctors just like our father. They were so sure we would be carrying our father’s legacy that my brother’s sudden announcement came as a shock to them. Well, you see what he wanted to do was not even close to becoming a doctor. It took him almost 7 years to prove it to our parents that he had made the right career decision back then.

Some common questions

I wonder how many of you have to face similar problems in order to convince your parents that you are not throwing away your life. Is your mom worried this is like all those times when you thought you had finally found your purpose but abandoned it a month later? Is your father worried about that your chosen career will not be enough to pay your bills or buy a new car for that matter?


  • Passion alone is not enough

intensity of your passion,

Well, if you are only going to support your case by showing them the intensity of your passion, chances are you will end up scaring them. When you are deciding your career path, your parents expect maturity from you. Give them logic not passion. For example, my brother was madly in love with writing and he realized that his love for literature alone would not be enough to convince our parents. Therefore, he took a slightly different approach and used logic to convince them. I will not say he succeeded right then, but he was able to plant the initial idea in their head.

  • Factual support


If by chance you decide to open a pancakes shop in your town, you need to back it up with facts and stats. Provide evidence that in the past people have opted for similar professions and have made a living out of it. However, I will suggest you avoid deductive reasoning. My brother for one, collected statistics about writers and possible online and offline job platforms and showed them to my parents. These stats acted as a major help in convincing them that my brother was not crazy.

  • A proper plan

A proper plan

Your plan to convince your parents about your career choice is like any other business plan. You need to have a clear vision and a thoroughly planned strategy. Analyze the financial aspects because your ultimate goal would be to make money and support yourself. Money is not only there to pay for your utility bills, it is there to motivate you to work harder. If you opt for an extremely underpaying job, you will eventually grow tired of it. My brother made a 5 years plan with targets for each year. You also need to figure out if your career has room for personal and professional growth.

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