Damage Control How to breakup with someone
02/Jun Damage Control: How to breakup with someone!

Taaluq ROG ban jaye to usko TORNA behtar…


If other person does not respect you or if it is only bringing hurt and pain to you then it is better to breakup with that person. But how?


Taaluq ROG ban jaye to usko TORNA behtar…

Most of you want comfort after a breakup; some however are trying to find the comfort in breaking up with someone.  It is not unusual to want to escape from a relationship that is neither bringing you happiness nor satisfaction. What matters is that you do it timely and you do it right.

Slow and steady, wins the race


Breaking up with your partner is different than breaking up with your high school best friend. You have to be gentle and kind, take baby steps. Its best if your partner gets a hint of your intentions before you even implement them because this way you’ll both share the blame. Start off by talking less, making fewer calls, reducing your dates from 4 times a week to once every 4 weeks.

Give them closure

Give them closure

Your partner needs to know why you’re breaking up with him/her. If you are cheating on them or you’re just bored of your relationship you need to be honest in conveying that. Communication is important and honesty is even more important. But even while disclosing that, you need to make sure you choose the appropriate words and timings.

Don’t rub it in their face


You’re the one whose breaking up which gives you the upper hand, but doesn’t give you the right to rub it in their face. The decent thing to do would be to delete them from your facebook account because from that point onwards everything you do in your life will be a painful reminder for your ex. Be considerate and never ever stick it to them until and unless your ex was the one who forced you to breakup in the first place.

Never make your friends choose sides

Never make your friends choose sides

In 60% of the relationships, the couple has mutual friends and colleagues and once they hear the news of your breakup they’ll begin to wonder which side to choose. And if you’re on the winning side you’ll be outing your ex through hell lot of pain and embarrassment. So, if need be let your mutual friends know you’re okay with them staying in touch with both you and your ex. You’ve already done enough damage by breaking up with your ex; there is no need to isolate them from the world.

Recovering from a bad relationship is time taking and even if you are the one calling it off, you will have your emotions displaced in the process. We are all humans and you have the same tendency as everyone else to experience sadness, so while you are breaking up, prepare yourself for some emotional setbacks as well. You might feel guilty during the first few weeks for breaking someone’s heart and your job is to not let that guilt overshadow you for the rest of your life.

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  1. Taaluq ROG ban jaye to usko TORNA behtar Nice Advice we should give importance to other as he/she deserve.

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