Death Toll Reaches 5 after Madina Blast
04/Jul Death Toll Reaches 5 after Madina Blast

Heart-wrenching news of Madina blast  took the world by a shock. Explosion went off when a suicide bomber tried to enter Masjid-e-Nabvi ending the Ramazan fast


Two blasts took place in Saudia Arabia today one at Jeddah and other at Madina Munawwra. The cities being the Holiest for all the Muslim world, leaving the entire Islamic community in a grief.



Masjid e nabvi blast


Smoke clouds rising from Masjid-e-Nabvi after Madina blast

At 8: 50 pm, state-owned Saudi websites reported that a suicide blast took place outside the Masjid-e-nabi when the bomber was trying to enter and security guards stopped him. The Madina blast took place on Monday evening when people at the end of the Ramadan fast. The timing matched that of moon sighting in Madina and has come as a great shock to everyone. Immediately there were no reports of causalities or injuries but now it has been confirmed that

The death toll reached 5, including the security guards protecting the entrance of Masjid e Nabvi and the suicide bombers.

Another blast occurred in Qatif outside a mosque in Saudia, you can watch the video here

The target of Madina blast was Masjid-e-Nabvi where the last Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is buried. The place is sacred because of its foundation was laid by the Prophet (SAW) himself and because it is an integral part of the Islamic pillars where Hajj and Umrah are performed. The place was full of pilgrims for prayers during Ramadan and was the worst and wickedest attempt ever to harm so many innocents at the same time

The other blast occurred at Jeddah in the morning where 2 people where injured due to the bombing near US consulate in Saudia



Madina blast



This is a heartbreaking news for the entire Muslim community and a wake up call too because this has never happened before in Madina, the holiest place for Muslims around the world. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack until now but actions must be taken against this whole new wave of terrorism affecting major Muslim countries in the world. After the Ataturk airport attacks in Istanbul Turkey, this is the situation getting worse and authorities must take some action and be united to fight against terrorism


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  1. ALLAH pak apne aur apne mahboob k dar ki khud hifazat farmae aur in dehshatgardon ko ya to ALLAH pak hidayat ata farmae aur agr hidayat in k naseeb main nhi he to in ko tbah-o-barbaad farma…..

  2. Allah tmam muslmaano ko apny hifzoamaan mein rkhy, aur in logo ko tabah o barbaad kry jo aisy muqadas jagah pr bhi apna shar philaany say baaz ni aaty…

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