E- Clothing Services blend fashion with comfort to earn some money.
17/Aug E- Clothing Services: blend fashion with comfort to earn some money.

No one can deny the ever increasing importance of clothing businesses in today’s world. It’s a simple fact, people can’t stop wearing clothes (except, of course in Games of Throne) and people can’t stop making clothes either. So if by chance you’re considering E-tailoring as a career option, I will fully encourage you to go ahead with the plan because will never stop buying clothes.

Possible Career Options in E-Tailoring


E-Clothing Services is a very broad term that encompasses a lot of things contrary to the common conception. You don’t necessary have to stitch the clothes yourself. You can always outsource your operations. Breaking another stereotype, E-tailoring is not just for women, men can equally find a chance to make a career out of I they are fortunate enough.

  • Real-time tailoring Services

real-time tailoring

You can combine traditional essence of tailoring with the new e-commerce model. Set up a small tailoring section in your apartment, develop a website or promote your business through any other social medium. You can take customer orders, offer them a wide collection of apparel products in an e-catalogue and make your website interactive. All the magic is in how you market your business and how you deal with your customers. You can offer special tailoring services exclusive for wedding apparels or go with the casual trendy customized clothes.

  • Costumes!


If you live in a town where people are really excited about Halloween and other such events where you have to have a costume party you can be the town hero and offer on demand costume services. These costumes can either be tailored or you could buy them from any online international store. You can prepare a very funky website and upload pictures of the varying costume categories.  After all who doesn’t love a Halloween party?

  • Ready to Wear Branded Clothes


If you live in a city which doesn’t have a Gucci or Versace store, or if your friends are interested in buying skirts from this Canadian brand that doesn’t sell directly to your country you can fill this huge market void by selling branded clothing items online. You can buy these items in bulk from any international wholesaler store and re-sell them in your city or country. But you need to make sure you have the proper web support and a customer segment willing to buy these products at premium. You can sell a $30,000 skirt in Oklahoma or nearby villages in Texas now, can you?

  • Kids Apparel


Not many people find it easy to decide what to buy for their 4 years old owing to the very limited variety in designs and colors. People are now willing to spend tons of dollars to dress their kids nicely. You can fill this gap, by shifting the whole business to internet by offering ease in buying, a wide variety of fun and colorful products and ubiquity.


The promising feature about e-clothing services I that your customers can now enjoy the ease of shopping anytime from anywhere without physically having to go to store with your toddlers.


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