How to earn money online by staying at home
11/Jun How to earn money online by staying at home

Here, I’m going to share very simple and easy ways of earning money online by staying at home. No matter what gender and age group you belong! You can earn millions of dollars just by keeping two things in mind

  • First is to stay consistent and

  • Second is to take it serious

I earn more than 1, 80,000 per month depending upon my needs and efforts. I know I can score more, but for your motivation it would be enough. The more time I give to my work is a sure way to getting more dollars, you see. It’s not mandatory to work 24/7, it’s just that earn till your production level is maximum. Working part time can be a good option for you.

Being a citizen of an under-developed country, we find it hard to believe in virtual world. We only believe in a 9 to 5 pm job or a physical business. We rarely work on our ideas, although we have hundreds of incredibly talented youngsters as 64% of our population is youth. We can work eight hours daily in an office or school just to earn merely 20,000-50,000. This is an average income of a common person. We look for part time jobs or tuitions to earn more either to meet expenses or to save some money. After giving our best and putting all our efforts, we hardly make both ends meet. It becomes extremely hard when your co-leagues, relatives or friends are enjoying a better standard life and you after this much struggle are not able of meeting those standards.


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Internet has employed more than 50% of unemployed persons in a past few decades. It’s just that if you are familiar of utilizing the resources in the right way. Internet is not only for androids or I-phones; that one has installed all of his hot favorite games, apps, religious books or things of his interest and keep on adding useless things to one’s phone until the phone’s memory is full. We enjoy free apps and keep on creating fake accounts on all social media platforms. This is how, we utilize net on our phones.

See, how talented we are. After getting masters in a field we prefer to work as a teacher and earn a nominal wage blaming the scarcity of resources.

These are some of the facts that I shared above, internet is not a bad thing but the use of it makes it right or wrong. It’s we ourselves, to select a kind of life we want to live in. Millions of people (with mind) from us are earning money through internet by

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3 thoughts on “How to earn money online by staying at home”

  1. It’s a good comprehensive review. While it is great to read about the path others have taken to get to success, it’s also important to blaze our own trail.

    I have users few of these methods as well. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  2. two things keep in mind first is to stay consistent and second is to take it serious……this is the key of success

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