How to earn money by renting a portion of your property
31/Aug How to earn money by renting a portion of your property

There are two kinds of people who can do something, and those who can’t.  Those who can, find no trouble in finding ways to make a living. They go to college, get a degree and secure a job relevant to their field of expertise. The other categories of the ones who can’t do anything try to look for ways to earn easy money. If you can’t write or design anything you’re definitely the kind who’s looking for an easy way out. Well, don’t worry because your options of making some cash never disappear.

You can rent some portion of your property for those who can do something with their skills. In this article you’ll find some safe renting alternatives, because let’s face it; you all must be wondering who in the right mind would want to rent a portion of his/her property to a complete stranger?

  • Appreciate Musicians


There are so many kids in the US alone who don’t have enough money to purchase their own recording studio or to find a place to practice with their band members. You can offer them a much cheaper alternative rather than quitting music altogether. If you have a spare room in your apartment and no one’s moving in with you anytime soon, its better you make some money out of that idle space. Set up posters in local malls and streets to let everyone know you’re Christian and you support music. With in no time you’ll see a line of willing candidates outside your apartment.

  • Single Moms Club


If you by any chance are a regular Church going Christian who  will certainly not allow anyone to play music in his/her apartment you can rent your spare room to a single mom whose trying to make it in the world.

  • Office Space


Real estate is an expensive business and startups usually don’t have the kind of money to purchase their own property and set up an office. This is exactly why companies are now looking for rental property where they can set up a small office for their back end administrative operations.

  • Students


You’ll be amazed by the amount of kids who travel to other places to get their college degree. Hostels are now becoming more crowded and introverts are finding it harder to live in a place where they are certain of having no privacy or personal space. You can offer them a safe heaven.

  • Overnight Travelers


You can also rent your property to overnight travelers who are in your city for the Christmas and are looking for a decent place to stay because all the motels are already booked up. This is one smart way to earn loads of cash because there are a lot of chances that you’ll get paid in foreign currency.

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