Earn money by sharing your experience
10/Jun Earn money by sharing your experience

Blogs are a great way to earn money.  The typical system for making money on blogs is to either promote products or to use ads as a source of revenue.  It is the latter we’ll be talking about today.  There are a variety of blogs that people are interested in, from technical blogs to news to cultural commentary.  Another type of blog that people like to read about is blogs about experiences of people like them.  Narratives are very powerful, and always have been.  Thus, writing a good narrative focused blog is a great way to earn some extra money.


What experience should I share?


share your story on sticky note

Maybe you have an already exciting life, or maybe you are a good writer who knows how to make your everyday adventures very interesting.  If you can communicate well, and you certainly will be able to with practice, you’ll be able to start a blog about your experiences.  Travel is great for this, even if you  aren’t traveling internationally.  Or even everyday exploits can be interesting, if you write about them.  Do you have an interesting job?  Just talk about it!  If your live is interesting and you have stories, there will be interest if you can share them, and that can help you earn money.


Start a project


Start a project

Another way to drum up interest is to start a project. Whether it be something simple- like building a porch – or something extravagant, like hitchhike around an entire country, then you have something potentially interesting to talk about.  If you say, try to learn rock climbing, then you can use your blog to promote good rock climbing equipment you find through affiliate programs you attach to your blog. Here is how you can make money through affiliate blogs.  If you have a travel blog you can advertise hotels or other services through your affiliates.  But more than that, people enjoy the story of you learning things- it is not just the finished result you are sharing, but the process.


Consistency is the key


Consistency is the key

Narratives are something that is so important because of the interest they bring, but also be sure to be mindful that you are getting income from advertisements on your site.  So, to maintain interest over the long term, it is important to keep up on updates- it might be tempting to only update when things are particularly important, but really it should be noted that you should try to find something to write about your left every week or so.  At the very least, make your time frame consistent- this is important for success and to earn money.

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