Easiest and cheap prank ideas you can pull on your friends
12/Jul Easiest and cheap prank ideas you can pull on your friends

You don’t need a reason to prank someone, pranking is primary, reason is secondary. We all have those friends that we want to have fun with, laugh at, and laugh with. Sometimes it’s not only friends but we want to pull pranks with an annoying boss, a co-worker, a teacher, a relative or a neighbor.

Here are easiest and funny prank ideas you can pull on your friends

1. Office chair prank

Office chair prank
This is simple and easy, you can take a horn with the most annoying sound and tie it with their chair in a manner that whenever someone sits on it, the horn blows. This is best for a coworker that you hate, or your boss if you can do it without getting fired 😛

2. Work space prank

Work space prank

This is fun for work area if your husband is always on his computer, or if you want to prank your siblings you can simply do this with their PC or study area.

3. Straw Jelly worms

Straw Jelly worms

4. Fill the balls

Fill the balls

Fill their car with tennis balls so that they spend an hour figuring out what hit them. LOL

5. Ice BOMBS


6. SOAP that won’t Lather

SOAP that wont Lather

Take a transparent nail color and apply it to your room mates soap. They will keep bathing but the soap wont lather 😀

7. Onion chocolate balls

Onion chocolate balls

Take onions and cover them with chocolate for some fun surprise for your friends

8. Water prank

Water prank

Do this at a friend’s home or with your parents.

9. Paper fried fish

Paper fried fish

10. Bath prank ideas

Bath prank ideas

No one can escape this prank idea if you have a shower head that can be removed. Place a knorr chicken cube inside the shower and see their nose burn

11. Horn prank ideas

Horn prank ideas

12. Windscreen prank

Windscreen prank

13. Bugs prank idea

Bugs prank idea

14. For the love of donuts

For the love of donuts

15. Ring prank

Ring prank

16. Rest Room Prank idea

Rest room prank idea

17. Fake Poop prank

Fake poop prank


18. Car Prank

Car prank idea

19. Favorite Actor prank

Favorite actor prank

Or maybe their least favorite actor….

20. Water Tap prank

Water tap prank

21. Work Space prank

Workspace prank ideas

22. Cup Prank

Cup prank

23. Mouse prank

Mouse prank


24. Skittles and MNM

Skittles and MnM

This one has actually happened to me and its completely insane

25. Toilet prank idea

Toilet prank idea

A bit too much aint it?

26. Fake Milk Spilt

Fake milk spilt


28. Toothpaste Oreo

Toothpaste oreo

29. Powder Prank Ideas

Powder prank ideas

30. Cotton Balls Prank

Cotton balls prank

You can either try one of the above pranks or better yet if you wish to try something new by staying anonymous, there is a website that can do the dirty work on your behalf. Pakistan’s first and biggest prank company www.jigar.pk


You can pull off pranks and express what you cannot on their face through different packages at Jigar.pk.  They have three different packages i.e.

1. Mufta


This one is a free package and is viable for a certain time limit. Different people sign up at the website with their emails or facebook accounts. You are able to give an address and a name of a JIGAR you want to prank. They will receive a smell well box with a sample note that you choose while placing your order. Nobody is sure what it contains as they have not yet revealed the product. Different people are guessing what the smell well box could be. You can use the hashtag #smellwellbox on facebook and find the relevant posts and guess from there.

The person who likes and shares the posts at https://www.facebook.com/jigarpak/ is most eligible to win the free gift

2. Shugal


This package is for PKR. 750 and contains 2 products in the smell well box. It is perfect for pulling pranks on your friends, roommates, cousins or whoever you wish.  You can also add a custom note in this paid package and express your true feelings for that person through that note.

The best way is to arrange the package to be delivered when the person is among a group so that everyone gets to know he is being pranked. You can keep your identity hidden if you wish or include your name as per your preference. Right now they have the smell well box for body odor and hygiene but news says they are including much more pranks and fun stuff in their website as they are the first of their kind to be introducing something of this scale in Pakistan.

3. Khaas


This package is for the ones you love and the ones you want to express your feelings to.  Whether it is your husband or wife that you want to surprise or your girlfriend or even your crush that you secretly like. I mean, I don’t know about the spouse part, but agr HMARAY TIMES MA CRUSH KO BATANAY K LIYE KOI AESI SERVICE HOTI TOU MA TO ZAROOR USE KARTI. This box contains a special fancy packing and expensive quality products for someone special.

The fun part is that no one has ever thought of pranking randomly and sending anonymous stuff before in Pakistan, and this is going to be something really amazing to use.  Let’s see if Jigar is really going to redefine the friendship game in Pakistan.


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