Easy ways to earn online selling crafts
09/Jun Easy ways to earn online: selling crafts

Looking for easy ways to earn online?


Internet pe pesay kamana bhot asan hy agar ap ik plan ko follow kren. Meri pichly post how to make money through crowdsourcing bhot logo ny interest liya or swal kiye is liye is bare ma ma ny ik or blog likha hy.

We have already discussed how you can earn online through buying/selling at OLX and how to start your internet career. Today we will learn how you can earn online through selling crafts and jewelry. Its not necessary that you can only be a software engineer or a very skilled blogger to earn online. Anyone can make money online through these easy ideas.




Selling crafts


Selling crafts

A lot of us are artists, or are good at making crafts and jewelry.  There is a growing market for these crafts and artist’s products online, and more and more consumers are interested in buying these directly from the artist.  The type of customer willing to pay a premium is also looking to pay directly for the artist, and places a premium on this ability, so you will need to sell your products directly.  Thankfully, there are plenty of sites for this, Etsy being the biggest at time of writing.  If you can make something with skill, selling it is a great way to make some extra money.




post cards

This can be a range of things.  Postcards are popular right now, and handmade jewelry will always find a market.  More traditional art such as painting or drawings are also good things to sell, and if you are exceptionally clever you can sell well-executed colored pencil drawing or doodles.  You”ll want to make sure you are pricing your products correctly to maximize sales, so look at similar artists and be honest about your abilities, and you should be able to start selling.


Involve yourself


invovle yourself

One of the things to note that may not readily be apparent is that to some extent you’re not only selling your art, but you’re also selling yourself to some extent.  Customers do not just want to buy a piece of art, they want to support the living of the artist.  In many cases, your art can tell a story, or there might be some interesting quirk or something that happened in your life to inspire you.  And you’ll want to communicate this to your potential customers.


Host a blog to earn online


Host a blog to earn online

A great way to facilitate this communication is to host a blog.  Writing skill is very important here, because it directly aids in your selling, and writing well is going to be vital to your success.  Some of what you can do is have articles on your process, the ideas behind a certain piece or craft, or if you are making fan art just talk about the original media in question.  If you can get your blog traffic up, you’ll be able to increase your sales.  Here your writing will necessary to do this; telling a story is important for getting your readers invested in you and therefore willing to invest in you.  As your viewership grows, so will your business, and this is a great way to make a little extra money from your hobby.

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