Eid Holidays in Pakistan- A hot debate
01/Jul Eid Holidays in Pakistan- A hot debate


Eid ul fitar is just around the corner and as usual there is a war on Eid holidays in Pakistan between the employers and the employees. Usually Eid Holidays In Pakistan are announced by the government a week before to make sure there is no ambiguity. Most private sectors also follow the government schedule for Eid Holidays In Pakistan.

For Eid Ul Fitar 2016, government has announced four holidays but with the weekend coming right after, it would be extended holidays of 6 days.


Eid holidays in Pakistan calendar

Day Date Holiday
Tuesday July 05 Jul 5 Eid-ul-Fitr Holiday
Wednesday July 06 Jul 6 Eid-ul-Fitr
Thursday July 07 Jul 7 Eid-ul-Fitr Holiday
Friday July 08 Jul 8 Eid-ul-Fitr Holiday

Eid holidays in Pakistan 2016


Eid 2016 start date will be 6th or 7th of July, either Wednesday or Thursday, which means the Eid holidays in Pakistan will start from 5th of July and last till 10th of July. This is just one perspective to it, you must be wondering what’s the debate about?


Here is why there is a debate :


  1. Government sectors already have Saturday as a working day. Public sector employees cannot challenge the government orders so they simply agree to this, thanking lord for the coming week. However, private sectors have also followed the government in many industries and made this Saturday a working day. Employers are happy that government announced it while employees are in a rage because they were looking to have a 10 day holiday- one third of the month
  2. Telenor, a major telecommunication company in Pakistan, has announced Monday off, making it a 10 day holiday for its employees. Employees in other companies are complaining and demanding, why can’t everyone be like Telenor.
  3. Even though Government has announced 4 Eid holidays in Pakistan, employees are still trying to push hard and demand a holiday on Monday too. I am not sure who wins, but if you are an employer, you would want to have Monday a working day, and if an employee, you would want Monday off.

What are your thoughts?


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