Farah Khan to break her stereotype of super-star Hindi movies
20/May Farah Khan to break her stereotype of super-star Hindi movies

The famous Bollywood director/choreographer and quite a successful anchor Farah Khan has finally decided to change the directions from her celebrity laced Hindi movies to a real movie about girl power. She expressed in an interview that even though she loves making all spiced up star dominant Hindi movies, it would be a good time for her to think about something more challenging.


Previously, Farah has made some super hits featuring Bollywood super stars including Om Shanti Om, Mai Hoon Na and Happy New year. Om Shanti Om having a song where the highest number of Bollywood celebrities appeared and made their fans jump off to their feet. However, this time Farah hopes to make a more realistic movie about girl power that will challenge her limits as a director
The movie is about two girls and would be much more relevant and real as compared to the ones she made in the past. The movie has some funny scenes and entertaining acts to be in a good list of Hindi movies worth watching but it does convey a strong message. The director also told the news that she thinks it’s important to reinvent yourself all the times. Right now I hope to make this movie and after I am done, I may continue to a sequel of the movies I did in the past. In the CIFF Egypt yesterday, she addressed a hall with a huge number of women and said that you are all the reason I am making this movie and you happen to be Power Girls. Power Girls being the title of the upcoming Hindi movie by Farah

When asked about who is going to be the producer of her new experiment, she revealed that it would be her friend and the Hero of all her movies SRK. Shahrukh’s production company named Red Chilies is going to produce this movie and it has already done quite a few Hindi movies in the past

Farah Khan was also awarded the Faten Hamama Excellence Award at the 37th Cairo International film festival in Egypt yesterday 18th of November. The festival ends at 20th of November and would include a number of events from the Bollywood cinema. Farah said that she would love to shoot in Egyptian Cinema as both the countries share a very similar culture. Her top hit movie Om Shanti Om is being screened at the festival today and the local dancers would dance to songs by Farah to welcome her on stage. Farah also added that Hindi movies are famous for the dance and songs they entail because they show how they celebrate life. If I get a chance to work in Hollywood I would love casting Tom Cruise and make him dance, she added joyfully.

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