Featuring Salman in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo- is it worth it
20/May Featuring Salman in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo- is it worth it?

The Bollywood super famous actor Salman Khan, (not sure what exactly is he famous for though, his movies or the short appearances he keeps making while drunk to steal the news) is going to be a part of Sooraj Barjatya’s film Prem Ratan Dhan Payo along with the ever charming actress Sonam Kapoor. Will the couple be a fit? Audience across the borders wants to know if the movie can reproduce a magic like those with Indian masala and emotion. Well, let’s find out

The interesting part here is that Salman has managed to grab super human roles for him in the past decade or so. Story or no story, box office receives waves of crazy fans just by seeing this Bollywood Macho kicking some ass on screen. While his recent movie Bajrangi Bhai jan depicted Salman as a humanly version of Lord Hanuman, this one is no different where it is going to be Lord Sham that Salman will represent.
The young diva Sonam Kapoor was four when Salman’s first movie Maine Pyar kiya was released so the age gap is significant and appears quite clearly in the romantic scenes where the actress is struggling to look mature enough but even professional makeup and camera lights cannot hide what is so obvious. Despite of this obvious age difference between the two, Salman has double the energy as his young partner and manages to pull off twin roles continuing the legacy of Bollywood cinema
The title of the movie is inspired by a prayer in Hinduism that says payoji ma ne Ram Rattan Dhan Payo, and as the title is a sound reflection of what you will find in the body, the movie revolves around a screen god who has a strong grasp over every character regardless of their role in the movie
The Director famous for his typical Bollywood masala and emotional roller coasters introduced Salman in 1989 with his first movie. The director too realizes that the secret ingredient to a no-story, no-logic movie is keeping Salman in all shots along with a bit spiced up drama.
The story
The story is about a fictitious kingdom Pritampur where you will find all the expected ingredients of a setting for a pure Barjatya film. The prince of this kingdom Vijay Singh happens to be a very serious and duty-bound Salman Khan. Like all traditional stories, this prince has also earned the envy and hatred of his siblings and step siblings for the love of power. The siblings in this case happen to b Neil Nitin Mukesh featured as brother Ajay, Swara Bhaskar( Chandrika ) and Aashika Bhatia (Radhika) as two step sisters. All characters waiting for the day of crowning in their own perceptions and somehow it occurs to Salman to choose a horse-drawn carriage to be a fit transport for the event
So the day of crowning sets on the screen where Vijay is accidentally removed by clever planning of Ajay and his mate Chirag (Arman kohli). The scene that had to be a real conspiracy lacks any detail or logic and later even evolves into who will walk away with the bride without questioning whether the prince will ever return.
However, the story continues where king’s loyalists set out in his search and spot Prem in the marketplace. Prem happens to be the look alike of Vijay, but is actually a local. Salman in for a twin role and reminded mostly of the never ending twin roles in the Bollywood history. Of all the possible miracles, this one being the favorite of most drama producers and filmmakers.

The loyalists, seeing no other way around bring Prem in replacement of Vijay and the movie takes another turn. Prem as expected turns out to be the maryada purush or the perfect Hindu male. He starts fixing everything Vijay had left unattended and falls in love with the Princess to be (Sonam Kapoor).
The only thing we are lacking here is a presence of a traditional Indian family retainer like Baa which here happens to be Anupam Kher in the role of Bapu. He aids Prem with all his endeavors and no one ever thinks of bringing back or locating the lost prince
With all the given information, you should have a clear idea by now that Barjatya’s new film is no different from the same batter with which Hum Apke hain kaun, hum saath sath hain and Vivah were doughed.

Worth buying the ticket or not
Everything happens as expected and the audience does not even have to struggle or bother watching the entire movie to tell what it entails. The family unity, good behavior, the emphasis of culture, worship of social status and the man-woman gender roles. The movie could not be more relevant or guessable
Rajshri films do need to realize that the trends are changing and they would need to make a real movie with real story and real acting if they want to keep up with the competition aside of the fact they are a success since 1990’s without much effort in the creativity zone.
Appreciation, if there is, for the designer who proposed the strapless black dress for the Princess and she manages to justify that in a few dance moves with Prem that again happen to be same old Salman steps.
For an average audience, it is a worth watch but if you are up for something innovative or moving, i recommend you save your money for another movie ticket

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