Film TV adaptations to follow if you are a die heart Jane Austen fan.
20/May Film/TV adaptations to follow if you are a die heart Jane Austen fan.

Ever since I was a little girl, I used to idealize romance, beauty, and marriage. I remember my father brought me my first Jane Austen book when I was 9 years old. At that young an age I did not fully understand what love was. It was this vague idea that love could be the beginning of all and the end of all. I admired beauty and virtue portrayed in Jane Austen’s books and aspired to be like one of the characters from her books. By the time, I was 16 I had read all her books and learned the names of all the characters by heart. I had figured out what kind of love or marriage I wanted for myself.
I am sure almost each one of you agrees with my stance that the history has never seen a great author like Jane Austen. Over the years, constant efforts have been made to revive her works through film/TV adoptions. A good deal of cinematic budget has been dedicated to this noble purpose. Despite what movie critics have to say, I personally believe each Jane Austen movie is a different experience for the loyal readers. Therefore, I have compiled various lists of movies, biographies, and TV shows all of which have been successfully been able to deliver their true purposes.
Classic movie adaptations
My favorite category is the class adaptation of Austen Novels. These movies have been filmed with the exact script and dialogues with only a few modifications. Several movies have been made on each one of her books with the most popular ones being P&P, Emma and Sense and Sensibility.
1) Pride and Prejudice
2) Persuasion
3) Sense and sensibility
4) Emma
5) Mansfield Park

I have to admit Austen biographies are probably one of the most interesting biographies to be filmed so far. This category consists of some popular biographies and documentaries that shed light on the personal life of Austen.
1) Becoming Jane
2) The Real Jane Austen

Modern fiction
A relatively newer trend has been to modernize classical Austen novels into modern fiction. The scriptwriters of these modern adaptations have kept the core idea of these stories and blended it with innovation to produce scripts to attract people with diverse tastes and cultures.
1) Austenland
2) The Jane Austen book club
3) Bridget Jones diary
4) From Prada to nada
5) Bride and prejudice
TV series
Some popular TV channels especially BBC has dedicated quite some budget and time to air mini TV series for the loyal Austen fans. Some of these series have followed the classical adaptations while others are a combination of both modern fiction and classical script.
1) Lost in Austen
2) Emma
3) Persuasion
4) Sense and sensibility
5) Pride and prejudice

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