Find out the reason behind Fawad Khan’s fat looks
13/Feb Find out the reason behind Fawad Khan’s fat looks

All of you must have seen that Fawad Khan looked a bit different lately. He was clearly seen putting on some weight and people just can’t hold back their opinions. As soon as Fawad Khan’s recent pictures were shared on the social media, people started passing their judgments upon it. Some of them said that they liked the old Fawad Khan more while the others said that he still looks cute. Well, people have to say something after all. But it has been found out that Fawad Khan’s chubby look is for his new upcoming movie Maula Jatt 2 where he is working with Bilal Lashari.

Fawad Khan
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Yes, that’s right! Fawad’s recent look is actually for a professional reason. And people have been quite negative about it. Comments like ‘Fawad Khan to fat khan’ and ‘Fawad Khan purana wala adnan sami banta ja rha ha’ have been seen everyone across the social media networks and especially on Twitter. On the other hand, Bilal Lashari is very hopeful for his new movie and says that the audience will be very much shocked with the changed appearances of their favorite actors in that movie.

Fawad Khan

Hamza Ali Abbasi is playing the role of the antagonist of the movie as he is featured to be Noori Nath. And he has also adopted a bit of a changed look lately. Both the actors are working hard for the movie. A few of Fawad Khan’s pictures were also shared on social media where he was seen with his gym trainer, sitting in a gym that indicates that he has already started a tough time with his body.

Fawad Khan

Now, we all have to wait for the movie and see whether Fawad Khan really nailed it or not. We can associate our elevated hope and excitement with Fawad Khan’s upcoming movie because Fawad always gives his best and looks perfect in whatever role he is given.

Fawad Khan

What do you guys have to say about Fawad Khan’s new look? Hot or not?

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