Freelancing earn quick money while at home
01/Sep Freelancing: earn quick money while at home

freelancing by the end of 2020; an astonishing prediction for the future indeed. Another survey shows that the top five skills in demand for freelancer right now include: article writing, content writing, Translation, blogging and graphic designing. These jobs helped 54% of the US citizens earn a six figure salary in 2013. The ongoing rate for hourly jobs starts off from $80 and increases with the task complexity According to a recent survey, 40% of the US population will be earning their livelihood through.

You must be wondering why to go to offices at all if you can make that much money at home. A lot of people are now resorting to finding online freelancing jobs for themselves. Several websites now support such job hunting activities and are working as intermediaries to bring together employers and employees. These platforms are now also offering value added services to attract customers and are making quite a fortune just supporting freelancing as an intermediary.

I’m assuming you’re already familiar with the term freelancing. If not, here’s a quick introduction.

Freelancing means “doing your job without being permanently employed mostly on hourly rates rather than the monthly payments”. These jobs are based on daily tasks which pay you by the hour or daily rate. Traditionally freelancing was only used for jobs that took place offline. However with the recent bloom of internet, freelancing has taken a whole new path for future. People are now freelancing over the internet using their PDA’s, phones, tablets and laptops anywhere they go. You are no longer bound by your place or work or work timings. You can sign up for flexible jobs or projects and you don’t need to stick to one employer. You can have multiple employers and multiple jobs at a time which makes it more fun for you.

According to an article in the Forbes magazine, the most popular freelancing job categories are:

  • Writing: Article writing, blog writing, content writing, journal writing, research papers etc.

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  • Marketing and management: work as an intermediary between companies and clients. Customer service, sales, marketing strategy development, project management etc.


  • Finance and Accounting: auditing, financial management services, account management services etc.
Business concept
Business concept
  • Web Development: designing websites and web portals for startups, creating customized software and databases.


  • Research: academic research for institutions, marketing research for MNC’s, medical research for health organizations, scientific research etc.



A few things you need to keep in mind before you set your career path as a freelancer:

  • It may seem easy to work from your home but requires serious dedication and timeliness. You need to strictly follow your deadlines because if the word goes out that you’re a sloppy and lazy employee, your career as a freelancer is probably over.
  • Always make sure your employer is reliable and genuine. Internet is full of predators trying to use your effort and skills for free. Look for ratings and references, and try to sign up with reliable freelance portals.
  • Contrary to the common belief, freelance money doesn’t come the easy way. It drains you of your time and intellectual skills so make sure you get your money. Always settle these matters before hand.
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