Indo Pak war who wins, who loses, who dies
26/Sep Indo Pak war who wins, who loses, who dies

Dear fellow countrymen, and those across the border,

The reason why I am writing this blog is to address all of you and bring your attention to reality of Indo Pak war. I see my friends posting and sharing hateful and violent messages for our fellow human beings across border. And the case is no different in India

The tweets and statuses flooding the internet about how we can crush our opponent in an aggressive fashion depict nothing but sheer barbarism…


It is heart wrenching. Whether you are living in India  or are a patriotic Pakistani, ask yourself these questions before you post or share any stuff about Indo Pak war.


  • Have we all lost our basic sense of being human?
  • Is our routine frustration so strong that it can push us to kill? And then celebrate it?
  • Are we any less than a beast when we enjoy quoting how many we have killed in the past and how many we still have the capability to murder?
  • Is our thirst for bloodshed stronger than our sanity as humans? As Muslims? As Hindus?
  • Is this what the Quran teaches us? Or for that matter Bhagwat Geeta?


Indo Pak War, NO religion superior than humanity


no religion is superior than humanity
Indo Pak War Peace is the way forward

The basic problem between these two countries ever since the war of independence in 1947 has been religion. This is absurd, as religion should never have been seen as a problem or a means of Indo Pak war, but it lies there to set idealistic patterns for its followers to act in a more humane and peaceful manner. As Muslims, we believe the word Islam means peace, and as Hindus, the religion is the eternal way. None of this preaches in its core to kill or murder. When a war strikes, many things happen, but what’s most devastating is innocents die, children die, else wise peace loving and practicing humans lose their lives, homes, families, dignity and peace. Every living creature has a right to live and by no means we can take that right away, says every major religion in the world.


Treat others as you wish to be treated”, this is what the Quran tells us.


Treat others as you wish to be treated


I am not quoting it as a verse from Holy Quran, it is just a summary. But we can find many examples of the above-mentioned quote in Quranic verses and Hadith from the Prophet himself, where he teaches us to be patient and polite to our fellow human beings and sets rewards for those who treat others well and punishments for those who don’t.

Those of you, ready for a Jihad against Hindus, please read carefully below. This might come as a surprise to you but I believe any sensible person would already agree with what I am about to quote.

Do unto others as you would have them, do unto you.” says Geeta, the Holy book of Hindus.


Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you


Again, I am not a religious scholar and I do not wish to argue over religions, this is NOT an excerpt from Geeta, but I am summarizing what I have read in the book. Hinduism as they believe, is the oldest of all religions and an eternal way of life which by no means preaches any violence. It’s true teachings are to make peace and harmony with the world.

Whether you are a Muslim or a Hindu, in case of peace, the two are no different. No religion on the face of planet promotes violence or barbarism. Killing in the cloak of war is still killing and you cannot beautify it with religion, pseudo-patriotism or bravery. We should all have learned our lessons from the wars in the Past. No religion is beyond humanity, humanity is and must be our first religion and our only race.

The Kashmir Issue




The Kashmir issue indo pak war


At the moment, what triggered the Indo Pak war discussion is Kashmir Issue. Kashmir Issue has almost caused 3 wars by now, none fruitful, only leaving heaps of decomposing human flesh, infinite rapes, millions of displaced families, trillions of disabled individuals both mentally and physically, mental loss we never incur in the statistics. Imagine…… for a second, your own child, your nephew or niece losing an eye, bleeding from head to toe, the images of Syrian children still haunt your memories deep down inside, think of that as your own child and decide whether a war is favorable


History of Indo Pak War for Kashmir Issue


Kashmir is a region of beautiful fauna and flora, excess commodities and a favorable land with rich resources which makes it one of the most precious lands in Asia. However, the price Kashmir has to pay for its beauty is much larger. The region has three nuclear states that claim territory on its different regions, namely India, Pakistan and China.  There have been several conflicts and Indo Pak wars on who keeps Kashmir. Here is a picture of what areas of Kashmir Pakistan, India and China hold.  The yellow ones being under China’s control, the green and blue one under Pakistan, the red and Pink one under India.

Pakistan and India are the key players in this story, while China only has uninhabited areas of Aksai Chin near Xingjiang where two significant highways of China pass namely China National Highway and Karakoram Highway.


kashmir map reason for indo pak war


For India, the region belongs to her as per the decision of last king to sign the Union with India. Our neighbors across border are taught right from their childhood that “Kashmir humara atoot ang hay”. Its culture and history matches rest of India and from their perspective, these religions will die under the rule of an Islamic state (Pakistan).


Current map of Kashmir


For Pakistan, the story is no different. Kashmir has a large majority of Muslims and as per The founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his demand for a separate country for Muslims, Kashmir ought to be a part of Pakistan. At the time of partition three-fourth of Kashmir was a part of Pakistan. Its capital is just one-hour drive from Kashmir border and it is interlinked with Pakistan through several roads. The main reason why Pakistani’s want Kashmir to be with them is that Pakistan is an Islamic state and Kashmir has a wide majority of Muslims. Children born in Pakistan are taught from the very beginning that “Kashmir hamari sheh rag hay”

Here are the 3 Indo Pak wars for Kashmir by far


  1. 1947 after the partition, also known as the First Kashmir war, where after the king of Kashmir signed it to unite with India against the opinion of its major Muslim population. Regardless of who won and who lost, we know for sure that thousands were killed, murdered, raped, displaced and injured.
  2. 1965– The second Indo Pak war, which lasted for 17 days and known as the largest tank battle since World War II. Thousands of causalities including innocent civilians and children.
  3. 1999– The fourth Indo Pak war and third for Kashmir issue, Kargil war. 4,000 Pakistani troops lost their lives, while a significant number died or injured across border as well.

I am not to debate on what caused these wars and how they were tackled, which country was victorious or defeated. All I know is sons, brothers, fathers, children, mothers, sisters, died on both sides.

The world has often looked into the matter with United Nations and representatives in both countries calling to resolve issues through talks and come to a viable solution at least not risking any human losses.


Pakistan’s stance on Indo Pak War


pakistan nuclear weapons indo pak war
Pakistan’s stance on Indo Pak war


After the Uri attack, Indian Prime Minister brought up heat between the two countries leading the discussion to an Indo Pak war. Different people in Pakistan had different reactions but the military said they are ready to reply to any kind of action against Pakistan for obvious reasons. In a news reported by express tribune, Pakistan is now 1000 times stronger than in 1965. Calling off such statements is only going to push both countries to start a war, which in other terms means start killing people. The Pakistani President says Pakistan has got nothing to do with Uri attack and you cannot blame it on us even when there is no evidence as such. He also said that Uri attack could be a reaction to atrocities in Kashmir. Pakistan has also called for international probe into Uri attack to resolve the matter as reported by Geo Tv. Khurshid Shah, a Pakistani parliamentarian showed concern and stated that if Indo Pak war occurred, it will come about as third world war, to which I agree to certain extent and again, world peace will be destroyed and zillions of lives be affected in one way or other.

India’s stance on Indo Pak war


India's stance on Indo Pak war
India’s stance on Indo Pak war


India has her own concerns and comments regarding the Indo pak war. The Prime Minister blames Pakistan for Uri attack and even extends to proposing in UN that Pakistan hosts Ivy League of terrorism. According to BBC reports the Indian army chief clearly told the Prime Minister that war is not going to benefit them. Thank God to that person because a war is never going to benefit anyone except for the war profiteers. A war profiteer is any person or organization that profits from warfare by selling weapons and other goods to parties at war. Today PM Modhi, gave another sweeping statement of cancelling the Indus Waters Treaty.


However, the general public, people like you and me, don’t want the war to happen and if even someone does, please think of the consequences first. Opposition leader Rahul says Cong brought peace in Kashmir, BJP created space for terrorists.


The world doesn’t need any more wars


Indo Pak war, no more
Please No More War



We have already seen too much of bloodshed in India, Pakistan, Afghan, Iraq, Syria and Gaza lately, we don’t want there to be more of killing and murders. Except for the profit makers, there is no one on Earth who would in his sanity want to kill the innocent and risk his own family and kids to die. All for nothing. At the moment, white house has called India, Pakistan for diplomatic solution to tensions that are building up between the two countries



Indo Pak war- Stop romanticizing it


Indo Pak war, stop romanticizing it




Romanticism by definition is describing in an idealized or unrealistic fashion; in simple words making (something) seem better or more appealing than it really is



“WAR is neither attractive nor glamorous, its very nature is tragedy and suffering”


War & tragedy Indo Pak war


On both ends, the victims are the ones who already are victims of exploitation by the respective authorities. I am not blaming it on the government on any side, but we all know that god forbid a war strikes neither Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif nor Mr. Modhi is going to die, or lose an arm. The only person who will suffer is the common man. Whether fighting on the border or fighting the adverse economic crisis that follows a war


Indo Pak War – Who Profits and Who Dies



Indo Pak war, who profits who dies



Have you ever thought in a war,

Who pays, who dies, & who profits?




WHO DIES? Who suffers?

People like you and me, our brothers, sons, and fathers fighting at the border

By posting these hateful videos and tweets we are only encouraging the moneyed classes to maximize their profits

PROFIT MAXIMIZATION YES, THE BUSINESS OF WAR IS INDEED PROFITABLE, I say business of war, because it is a business and there are high profits involved, according to Wikipedia definition



Indo Pak war, who profits
War is business



In 2011, the contractors sold 410 billion dollars in arms and military services


To sum it up in two of the best quotes ever said about war:

War is the Greatest debt creator known to man.



war is the greatest creator known to man


If we take profit out of war, there won’t be any


if we take profit out of war, there wont be any



Make Love, Not War




make love not war



It is high time we open our eyes to the reality, and start being sane, and to the least HUMAN. It is love that we should be focusing on, not war. Love is the greatest conqueror of all. It is humans on both sides, and they matter. India and Pakistan share a rich cultural history and the least we can do is spread hatred for it and wish for our neighbors to bleed.


I would end my blog with this quote

An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind. (Mahatma Gandhi)


An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind



Peace out


Until then Love and be Loved

Dania Khan
Running a household with 2 kids and an office with 20 more ;) Avid reader, passionate writer, traveler, parent and not a very good friend.

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  1. As long as truth and falsehood exist on earth you cannot stop wars, there is only one way either people on truth start following falsehood or all falsehood start following the path of truth.

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