Internet- a force that binds us all together
01/Sep Internet- a force that binds us all together?

When you hear all the talk going on TV news and reality shows about the world becoming a global village and people transcending continents and national borders and getting closer, united as one, what exactly comes to your mind?

Naaah, you don’t have to answer that because I know what we all think about when we hear of global unity. One word: Internet. Our limited imagination and vision can only make us see what’s right there in front of us, the visible things, the obvious conclusions. What truly binds us together and connects us, is however, something you can see or touch, you can only feel it and believe in it. The very thing that connects us is our human-ness, our pain, our fears and desires, our failures and weaknesses. Each one of us is fighting a battle, a battle called life and nothing makes us superior than our fellow beings. We are all part of the system, small faction in the sea of nothingness. We are nothing but stardust.

Internet, social media platforms might be acting as facilitators but they do not connect us or even bind us for that matter. We are interconnected because we all suffer, because we all desire, we want, we need, we love, we feel and we hate. Each one of you may have a unique personality with your own set of ideals and values but the base of your individuality and existence is same as everyone else. We become friends with people who match our frequency, who want same things as us and then we stay in touch via internet and other platforms of global connectivity. We see a war in some country where children are dying, women are being raped, and we try to feel their pain, imagine their misery. We feel obligated to feel sorry for those who are going through similar problems as ours.

What truly binds us together is the sad reality that we are all humans and we all have different levels of sufferings and we each respond to them in our own unique way but we feel pain and we feel joy. That my friend is what connects us all. You don’t need to be someone’s blood relative to be associated with them or to connect with them on emotional basis. You and I, are no different from those starving to death in Somalia or from those who drive in Limo’s and have fancy

Maryam Qureshi
Maryam is a keen observer and an avid reader which makes her writings insightful and strong. Loves to create lyrics off the record ;)

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