Kaymu to shut down its office in Lahore
14/Jul Kaymu to shut down its office in Lahore


The e-commerce giant Kaymu is seen as one of the most significant players in the e-commerce market in Pakistan. Rumor has it that they are going to shut its office in Lahore and shift the power to Karachi. The news for Kaymu and Daraz merger has already been out and stakeholders look at its bright side but every picture has two sides.


Employees of the company have not been informed about the future move and they are not sure what this merger might bring to them. All the higher authorities would shift major power to Karachi and Lahore office may not exist anymore or with little power. Companies should remember that employees come first and they should always consider taking them in confidence before they make a move or a significant decision. The question is how will kaymu employees adjust to this huge shift all of a sudden

Even though much has been said and discussed about the reputation kaymu has gathered in the past 3 years in Pakistan, there are still many things that need to be considered. Kaymu.pk is a venture of Rocket Internet; a German based company and was making a daily turnover of 1.2 million. Most of its revenue coming from the apparel and jewelry transactions,  that too cash on delivery. The concept of plastic money is still alien to local market and the users. We hope to see better trust of users on plastic money after 3G and 4G introductions.


What do you think would be a smart move for Kaymu to make. Closing its Lahore office can be fatal, but what are they thinking


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