This lady celebrated the day of being Happily Divorced
13/Feb This lady celebrated the day of being Happily Divorced

We have to admit the fact that we live in the type of society where if anyone does something to be happy in a unique way, then people just can’t digest it. This Pakistani lady named Maham Asif got a divorce from a torturous marriage and she celebrated this day of being ‘Happily Divorced’ along with her friend and with a cake. Her friend Javeria Virk planned a little surprise for her in order to make this difficult situation a bit lighter for her. But then … people’s criticism happened …

Happily Divorced

A couple of days ago, Javeria shared the pictures of her friend with a cake to one of the food groups and expressed her excitement for the reason that her friend Maham is out of that torture now. But people criticized both the ladies to such an extent that Javeria finally removed that post. You cannot stop people from giving their fatwas at any cost. Instead of marrying their son to a divorced girl and breaking the stereotype, they can only say ye to talaaq yafta ha zaroor is ma koi kharabi hogi.

Happily Divorced

Maham said that Javeria is more like a sister to her and she was also her counselor whenever she felt low at the time of her marriage. She also said that when she saw that cake lying on the table she was very much shocked and so was every other person surrounding them in the café. But after some time, she started laughing on this act of her friend that she did just to cheer her up. Despite all the hatred shown by the Pakistani society, there were a few of them who congratulated and they said it to be a blessing that the toxic relationship has ended.

Happily Divorced

I just want to ask all the people of our society that why is it always the women who have to face the negativities and not the men? Why none of us blames the man for being characterless? Why?

Happily Divorced

Javeria Virk has a message to share for all the women out there. She says:

“I want to tell all the girls who’ve undergone a divorce, who are contemplating it or those who’ve broken off engagements to keep their head up high. Things have a way of falling into place. Some of my friends broke off their marriages after a few months while some are still stuck in a loveless or abusive relationship. I do think it’s better to part ways sometimes.”

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