Latest winter fashion trends in Pakistan for 2016
15/Dec Latest winter fashion trends in Pakistan for 2016

The fashion industry is the most rapidly changing and also the most diverse field among all. Fashion trends keep on changing now and then, and girls these days are so conscious about coping up with the latest fashion trend that they can’t just wear something from the previous trend. Anything and everything they wear should be representing the ongoing fashion trend.

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Due to this consciousness of girls, all the brands are doing really great. They launch different style of clothes after every 3 to 4 months, and there you go, the fashion trend gets changed.

fashion trends in Pak

Talking about the year 2016, the top most trends in fashion both in summers and now in winters is medium length shirt along with cigarette pants. Long shirts with very much loose fitted palazzos are long gone now. Now, they have set a trend of a short shirt with either cigarette pants or with a shalwar. The shalwar trend was a much older one but has now revived.

cigarette pants

As we have talked much about the fashion trends, now let us jump to the latest colors and prints that are hitting the market these days. Speaking of colors, then there is a huge range of bold and vibrant colors particularly concerning the winter season. Lighter shades are also trending as it was a long gone fact that lighter colors are only worn in summers.


Now, coming to the prints that are being launched lately, most popular among them are floral prints and digital prints. Digital prints hit the market in summers this year and became very popular ever since. They are also safe to wash, and the print doesn’t fade away.

digital print shirts
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So, these were the latest fashion trends that are recently hitting the market with full fervor and also being sold hand in hand.

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